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Meet The Members of Day6!

Day6 has been one of the best groups formed by JYP Entertainment. Making its debut in 2015, the South Korean pop-rock band has given us some amazing bops. From love to heartbreak to moving on, there’s a Day6 song for every mood. Originally known as 5LIVE, Day6 used to be a 5-member group and has been in the entertainment scene since 2014. Skilled at handling guitars, drums, and keyboards, the members of Day6 have created tracks like ‘I Loved You,’ ‘You Were Beautiful,’ ‘Congratulations,’ and ‘Right Through The Day,’ Day6 made their comeback in 2021 with another tack ‘You Make Me’.

Being together for over six years, Day6 has been through a lot of ups and downs. From controversies and former members to making new music, the members of Day6 are currently serving their mandatory military service. As we wait for our beloved Day6 to come back, here’s everything you need to know about the members of Day6.

Here’s The Guide To Members of Day6 For A New ‘My Day’!!!

As of 2022, Day6 has 4 active members while 2 members have left the band in previous years. Here’s a guide to Day6…


Hailing from Busan, Sungjin’s full name is Park Sung Jin. Being a 93-liner, Sungjin’s birthday falls on January 16. As a member of Day6, Sungjin serves as the leader, main vocalist, and rhythm guitarist of the band. As being an idol requires one to be a good dancer as well, Sungjin doesn’t consider himself a good dancer. So to save his voice and make him heard, JYP decided to put him in the band. Sungjin has been a part of the band ever since it used to be a 5-member band, aka 5LIVE. Before making his official debut in 2016, the idol had already made a soft debut in 2014 with the previous lineup of the band.

day6 members

A look at the Members of Day6: Sungjin is the hyung and the leader of the band.

Being the oldest member in the group, Sungjin has always been the mediator between the company and other members. Out of all members, he’s considered to be the best at communication. As an idol, Sungjin has also been a part of several variety shows. In 2020, the idol appeared in an episode of “Hidden Singer,” where he had to sound like JYP. He also made an appearance on Weekly Idol ep. 305 as a masked idol and shocked the fans with his amazing talent. On March 8, 2021, Sungjin went on to announce that he had enlisted in the military. Sungjin is all set to discharge from the service in September 2022.

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Young K

Being another 93-liner in the band, Young K’s full name is Kang Young Hyun or Brian Kang. As a member of Day6, Young K serves as the main rapper and the main vocalist, along with handling the bass guitar. Born in Ilsan, South Korea, Young K moved to Toronto, Canada to attend high school. Majoring in Business Management, he is considered a living dictionary for the Korean language. During his time in Canada, he stood out a lot as an artist. Along with his friends, he also went on to win Math Dance Competition. Dreaming to become a basketball player, the idol went on to start his career as a musician with his English name Brian Kang.

day6 members

A look at the Members of Day6: Young K aka Brain Kang is the songwriter and bassist of the group.

With his friends, he went on to form the band 3rd Degree. As the band picked up, soon Young K and band member Don Lee were scouted and invited to audition at JYP Entertainment. Passing the auditions, Young K went on to train along with Stray Kids’ Bang Chan. After almost making his debut with Wonpil in a dance group, the idol went on to join 5LIVE, i.e., the original Day6. During a V Live broadcast on August 6, 2021, Young K went on to announce the news about his military enlistment, which was later confirmed by JYP Entertainment. He has also made his acting debut with the web drama ‘Best Mistake’ season 3.

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Hailing from Incheon, South Korea, Wonpil’s full name is Kim Won Pil. Being a 94-liner, Wonpil’s birthday falls on April 28. As a member of Day6, Wonpil serves as the main vocalist, synthesizer, and the visuals of the band. He also handles the Keyboards. According to other members, Wonpil is the clingiest member in the band and loves to ask random questions. He also has the best aegyo among other members. After contributing to writing songs for the band, Wonpil went on to make his solo debut with the album “Pilmography” on February 7, 2022.

day6 members

A look at the Members of Day6: Wonpil is the visuals of the band.

On February 23, Wonpil took to a V Live broadcast and went on to announce that he was going to enlist for his mandatory military enlistment on March 28, 2022. As Sungjin, Young K, and Dowoon were already enlisted in the military, Wonpil became the last member to enlist. As the band is already on a hiatus, the idol wanted to minimize the break time. He also went on to reveal that he chose to enlist in the Navy because it was the fastest option available. And he also wanted to match up the time of his military service as much as possible with his fellow members. Wongpil’s military service will last up to 20 months and he will discharge by the end of 2023.

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Hailing from Busan, Dowoon’s full name is Yoon Do Woon. Being a 95-liner, Dowoon’s birthday falls on August 25. Being a member of Day6, Dowoon serves as the vocalist and drummer of the band. The last member to join 5LIVE was Dowoon, that made the band Day6 we know now. He’s also the maknae of the band. Before becoming an idol, Dowoon used to stay alone and didn’t have many friends. An alumnus of Busan Arts College, the idol has been playing drums ever since he was 16. He loves his instrument so much that once during a concert, his drum sticks busted, which made him more thrilled. Dowoon went on to make his solo debut on September 27, 2021, with his single ‘Out of the Blue’.

A look at the Members of Day6: Dowoon is the maknae of the band.

On January 17, 2022, Dowoon went on to announce that he enlisted in the military for his mandatory service. He’ll be discharged from the service in July of 2023. The idol went on to share the news during his last scheduled activity. He also shared that he’ll be joining the military band during his service, so he’ll still be playing drums during his service. Sharing the message while on the live broadcast with fellow member Wonpil, Dowoon also wants the band to come back as soon as they can.

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A Look At The Former Members of Day6:


Being a 92 liner, Jae’s birthday falls on September 15. Being the oldest former member of Day6, Jae’s full name is Park Jae Hyung. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jae lived in California, USA, and Vancouver, Canada, throughout his school life. Starting his music career with his Youtube, Jae went on to make his debut with Day6 under JYPE. He used to be the lead guitarist, main vocalist, and the face of the group. On December 31, 2021, Jae announced his exit from Day6 along with JYP Entertainment. He has been in several controversies throughout his time in the band because of problematic activities back in the west.

Former members of Day6: Jae & Junhyeok


Hailing from Bucheon, South Korea, Junhyeok’s full name is Im Jun Hyeok. Being a 93-liner, Junyyeok’s birthday falls on July 17. Junhyeok made his debut after his sister applied to JYP Entertainment and submitted his video for the auditions. As a former member of Day6, he used to play keyboards in the band. On February 27, 2016, Junhyeok announced his exit from Day6 for personal reasons. After his exit, he joined a 4-member band called Be Blossom. In 2018, Junhyeok also made his solo debut with an album with two songs: “Stay” and “Sorry”.

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