Meet the Cast of The Long Ballad: A Chinese Romance Fiction

long ballad chinese drama cast
Lead Cast

How do you remember history? Is it the wars that were waged or the grand gestures of love? The cast of The Long Ballad is here to rewrite history in the form of melodramatic romance fiction. The drama is the embodiment of everything that a royal life demands. It is set in the year 626 C.E when the throne was every man’s dream. The series is an adaption of the Chinese manhua titled Chang Ge Xing. The cast of the Long Ballad has exhibited wonderful acting over the course of 49 episodes.

A Long Ballad literally translates to a long song and outlines the story of a palace coup that occurred in the late 626 C.E. Following this incident is the thirst for revenge on princess Li Chang Ge’s part. However, her plans fail miserably and she is taken hostage by the military general of Ashile Sun.

However, Le Chang Ge’s determination and boldness do not go unnoticed. He appoints her as his military strategist with hopes of succeeding in his own mission. During this course, the series takes a classic twist as our princess experiences Stockholm syndrome and falls in love with her captor. She is elated when she learns that her feelings are mutual!

The Cast of The Long Ballad

The series stars some well-renowned names across China. They have effortlessly done justice to the characters they are playing and are sure to leave an imprint on your heart. Following are the Chinese drama’s Lead cast members.

1. Dilraba Dilmurat

The name Dilraba is bound to earn some good comments in every corner of China. She is a remarkable Chinese actress from the Ughyur district who has won several awards right from her debut drama Anarhan. She plays the role of the formidable princess Le Chang Ge in the Long Ballad. In fact, she has executed this role so perfectly, that she was crowned with the Outstanding actress award at the Chinese American TV Festival Golden Angel Awards. Her list of accolades and talents is literally endless. She is best known for her roles in the Chinese dramas You are My Glory and Eternal love.

chinese drama long ballad cast
Dilraba as princess Changge

2. Leo Wu

Playing the love interest on the opposite side of such a powerful character is the handsome Leo Wu. His charming features have easily captured our hearts without a beat, one can only imagine the state of princess Le Chang Ge! Leo is nicknamed the Nation’s Little brother in China. He surely is a big deal in the country and is known for his roles in dramas like Nirvana in fire and Red Sedan Chair. He initially became the king of commercials by appearing in more than 50 television commercials by 2004.

It was only after this that he decided to debut in a full fledges Chinese series. His awards and titles date back right to his newcomer days when he was crowned the Best Child Actor. The awards and recognitions continue to this day!

cast of long ballad
Leo Wu as the Ashile Sun

3. Liu Yu Ning

Yet another remarkable member of the cast of the Long Ballad is Liu Yu Ning. Liu plays the role of Hao Du in the Long Ballad.  Yu Ning is a classic example of the rags to riches story. He has recounted his humble beginnings several times in various interviews. However, today he is one of the most rapidly rising stars in all of China. His tremendous skills have shifted him from being a street performer right to being on the big screen!

Apart from being this wonderful actor, his talent in singing is just as wonderful. He has produced more than 100 solo singles and osts. If we started listing down all the awards he has won, this article would be endless. However, some of the most remarkable titles he has bagged include the  All-round Artist of the year and the National Recommended Singer awards.

who is the cast of long ballad
Liu Yuning as Hao Du

4. Zhao Lu Si

The last member of the cast of The Long Ballad we would like to introduce is Zhao Lu Si. She plays the role of princess Yong An in the series. Moreover, Lu Si also won the award of Asian Star for her performance as Princess Yong An in the Long Ballad. However, She is best known for her roles in various Chinese dramas like Who rules the world and the romance of tiger and rose!

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