Meet ‘Secret Number’: Everything You Need To Know About Vine’s Girl Group

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'Secret Number'
Secret Number

With the Kpop comeback season on, it is a delight for the fans to be showered by their favorite idols’ music. Next in line for their comeback is the girl group “Secret Number”. Making their debut with Vine Entertainment, “Secret Number” released their first single ‘Who Dis?’ on May 19, 2020. The girl group is being called the ‘United Nations of the k-pop world’ as the members are just from South Korea. With their banger singles, their fan base is already growing. In January, the members of ‘Secret Number’ also revealed their fandom name, calling their lovely fans “LOCKEY’. Presenting the meaning of LOCKEY as the’LOCK + KEY’.

On their way to release their comeback single, “Fire Saturday”, the teaser schedule is already out. There are going to be six teaser videos for the single, out of which the fourth teaser came out today. And the fifth teaser is coming out on October 20, 2021. After the solo teaser videos, ‘Secret Number’ will be releasing the group photo teaser for the upcoming single, followed by the final music video trailer. “Fire Saturday” music video will be hitting the internet on October 27, 2021, on Secret Number’s Youtube channel. Along with their album.

'Secret Number'
‘Secret Number’; Debut Poster

Secret Number: Meet The Members

The k-pop girl group “Secret Number” originally debuted with five members; Jinny, Denise, Lea, Soodam, and Dita. But went on to announce two new members into the group. The first member being Minji and the second one being Zuu, making ‘Secret Number’, a seven-member girl group. But for the comeback, only six of them will be participating. Here is everything you need to know about your bias from the group!!


Jinny’s full name is Park Jinny. Born in Los Angeles, California, Jinny moved to South Korea to attend Seoul International School. Being a 98 liner, her birthday is on January 20. Currently, she serves as the vocalist and lead rapper of ‘Secret Number’.  She has been interested in music ever since she was a kid. And went on to become a trainee for YG Entertainment. After five years of training, she was meant to be a part of ‘Blackpink’ but was later removed from the line-up.

She went on to compete in Produce 48 but went on to face elimination in the first round. Her overall rank was 69th. As she loves writing and producing music, she already has three original singles on her Soundcloud account. Her favorite artists are Big Bang, 2NE1, and Justin Bieber. She also has an older sister and two cats named Mochi and BD. She was the first member to be announced as part of the group.

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Denise’s full name is Denise Kim, and her Korean name is Kim Jin Sil. She was born in Houston, Texas, USA. Joining ‘Secret Number’, she was named the temporary leader of the group as she serves as the lead vocalist. Being a 01 liner, she is the maknae of the group, and her birthday is on January 11. A passionate musician, she knows how to play guitar and already has four original singles on her Soundcloud. Arriving in South Korea, Denise has been a part of the reality show “King of Masked Singer” and also became a challenger. Along with participating in SBS Kpop Star season 5 as a part of the group Mazinga.

Her favorite artists include Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Ariana Grande,  Tori Kelly, The Band CAMINO, The 1975, and Panic! At The Disco. Denise was the second member to join the group but is currently on hiatus. With the news of her leaving the group going around, the news is not confirmed yet. In their official statement, the company revealed that she wouldn’t be participating in the comeback album.

'Secret Number'
‘Secret Number’: Fire Saturday Teaser: Soodam


Soodam’s full name is Lee Soodam, and she was born and brought up in South Korea. Being a 99 liner, her birthday is on November 9. She remains at the center of the group, serving as the vocalist, dancer, and visuals for ‘Secret Number’. After high school, she went on to graduate from Ewha Women’s University as a Dance and Korean Traditional Dance major. She’s also a popular influencer, aka an ulzzang, on social media sites. Her friends call her Dami. She likes cooking, makeup and enjoys performing on stage. And would love to perform something different from the regular genre. She was the third member to be announced as part of the group.

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Dita’s full name is Anak Agung Ayu Puspa Aditya Karang, as she hails from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Being a 96 liner, her birthday is on December 25. Excelling in dance, she began her career with 1million Dance Studio. And now serves as the lead dancer and vocalist for ‘Secret Number’. Being on the athletic side, Dita has been playing basketball in school. And even went on to represent her school in basketball, dance, and journalism. Before making her debut, she was a part of “BORN Star Attaining Center”. Her favorite artists are Twice, IU, Chrisye, and 2NE1. She was the fourth member to be announced as part of the group.

'Secret Number'
‘Secret Number’ During Inkigayo Music Program


Léa’s full name is Ogawa Mizuki, and she hails from Tokyo, Japan. Being the last member of the girl group to be announced, Léa serves as the leader and the lead vocalist of ‘Secret Number’. She is a 95 liner, and her birthday is on August 12. Before joining ‘Secret Number’, she was a part of the girl group ‘sKarf’ under Alpha Entertainment. A few years after her leaving, the band disbanded in 2014. After her gig with the previous group, Léa got into a trainee team, along with Weki Meki’s Suyeon.

She is not just limited to K-pop, as she has been a part of the movie called “School Days with a Pig”. During her time off in 2014, she participated in M-net’s Japan’s “Jjang” and MIXNINE. Where she got to position 109. She believes in the saying ‘I can do it’ and pushes herself to get better. In her family, she has a brother and a dog. Her favorite artists are Sunmi, TVQX, Apink, and Ariana Grande.

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Minji’s full name is Park Min Ji, hailing from Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Being a 99 liner, her birthday is on March 31. She is the main vocalist of ‘Secret Number’, as she sings and plays piano. She had to drop out of high school due to some reason, but she passed the GED. And is currently studying at Berkeley College of Music. She has been active in the industry since her high school days. Being a part of survival shows like Produce 101, where her rank was 71, and Produce 48, where her rank was 53. She has also collaborated with Baek Myung Han for the OST “I talk, You Smile”, for a drama called “Triple Some 2”.

Till now, she has been under the management of two entertainment agencies. The first one being Magic Fresh Company when she took part in Produce 101. And the other one being MD&17, participating in Produce 48. At  MD&17, after being signed for two years, she was supposed to debut in 2019. But as the plans for the band to debut fell through, she went on to terminate her contract. After starting a Youtube channel to upload her music covers, she started to gain some recognition online. Later on, Minji joined the girl group in October 2021, signing with Vine Entertainment.

'Secret Number'
‘Secret Number’ Fire Saturday Tease: The new member Zuu.


The last member of ‘Secret Number’ is Zuu, and not much is known about her. Other than the fact that she joined the group on October 15, 2021. The company will be introducing her with Secret Number’s comeback single. While a few ‘inner sources’ and fans have suggested that Zuu is from South Korea, her nationality and other information have not yet been revealed by the company. A teaser released on their Youtube channel gave the fans her first look. The teaser showed her lightly smirking at the camera, sitting with the concept set up around her. To know more about Zuu, we will have to wait till “Fire Saturday” comes out.

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