Mayans MC Season 1 Episode 5: Uch/Opposum – Where To Watch and Release Date

In this post, we are going to talk about Mayans MC season 1 episode 5 release date, where to watch, and spoilers. The show has now started showing its real side, as the last episode was really a nightmare for anyone. Emily, with her son and driver, was captured by Los Olvidados members.

The cartel fight has now turned into a personal matter, as Los Olvidados ripped Emily’s son’s arm. That was really creepy, and that must have been the worst situation for Emily. We will talk more about the same ahead, so let’s get started!

The first season of Sons of Anarchy spin-off is now four episodes deep, with the fifth one due this week. The fifth episode of Mayans M.C. season 1 is all set to release on 2 September 2018. The show is broadcasted on FX channel every Tuesday at 10 PM.

The show can be streamed using the FX app, which provides all the FX shows under a single interface. Furthermore, the show can also be watched using other means of online streaming services which include FX channel, so that the viewers can watch the show at the mentioned time.

The show is now in a very intense situation as Los Olvidados parted off Emily’s son’s hand, and then they even killed her driver. Afterward, we saw Emily furious at her husband Galindo as she and her son are not a part of this war. She even warned Galindo to tell her everything related to rebels. But I really don’t think that Galindo will do that! Additionally, Emily went to EZ as she feels that her husband will never tell her everything.

She pleaded EZ to tell her if anything goes wrong between her husband and rebels. At that time, EZ revealed that something has already happened, two men were lit and displayed in public. We also saw that Galindo was finally convinced by José to retaliate, and EZ and others started work on it as Galindo hired MC to find the rebels who kidnapped his son. They were trying to find out the car that rebels used to transport Galindo’s son.

This research will surely become more intense in the upcoming episode. Can we expect a call from rebels to Galindo for any kind of deal or negotiations? Well, we really have no clue. Also, rebels might be forming a trap for Galindo members as they might have understood that they will surely retaliate. Additionally, there might also be a new deal taking place in Santa Madre, and that too will have its part in the next episode, as we know that no deal is completely smooth in this show!

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