‘Mayans MC’ Episode 1 – Perro/Oc

mayans mc episode 1

Mayans M.C. is one of the most anticipated shows right now. The Sons Of Anarchyspin-off is set to premiere tomorrow. Who are the cast and what are the things that we should expect to see in this show? Here’s everything we know about Mayans MC episode 1.

Mayans MC Episode 1 – Perro/Oc

The first episode of the Mayans is titled “Perro/Oc,” and fans over the Internet tried to decipher the meaning of the text. According to Monsters and Critics, the word “pero” in the sentence is actually a Spanish word that translates into “dog.” The “Oc” part is not random either, because it is one of the 20-day names of the Tzolkin calendar system in Yucatec Maya.

According to the title, it seems like the main character Eziekel “EZ” Reyes will see a lot of symbolism on a stray dog. It is expected that this dog will perfectly suit the premiere episode as EZ navigates through the episode and to the San Padre charter.

The cast consists of J.D. Pardo as EZ, Sarah Bolger as Emily, Michael Irby as Obispo Losa, Carla Baratta as Adelita, Richard Cabral as Johnny Cruz, Raoul Trujillo as Che Romero, Antonio Jaramillo as Michael Ariza, Danny Pino as Miguel Galindo, and Edward Olmos as Felipe Reyes. The series will have ten episodes.

Mayans M.C. Episode Titles An Episode 1 Preview Pictures

The other titles of the other episodes also follow the same fashion as the first. There’s a Spanish word followed by a slash and a word that is related to the Tzol’kin. Here’s the list of other ten episodes and their titles.

  • Episode 1 – Perro/Oc
  • Episode 2 – Escorpion/Dzec
  • Episode 3 – Buho/Muwan
  • Episode 4 – Murcielago/Zotz
  • Episode 5 – Uch/Opossum
  • Episode 6 – Gato/Mis
  • Episode 7 – Cucaracha/K’uruch
  • Episode 8 – Rata/Ch’o
  • Episode 9 – Serpiente/Chikchan
  • Episode 10 – Cuervo/Tz’ikb’uul

Here’s also the list of preview images form episode 1. It seems like we will see a lot of characters already. The story shows what happened four years later after the events from Sons of Anarchy. The story will take place on the US-Mexico border.

Mayans MC episode 1 will premiere on Tuesday, September 4 on FX at 10 PM. However, fans were able to stream the first episode via FX+ streaming service last August 31.

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