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When To Expect Mayans M. C. Season 3?

There are very few stories in the entertainment industry out there that feature the same level of crime as well as a drama as we have seen in Sons of Anarchy. Nevertheless, we have Mayans M. C., whose setting is done in the same fictional universe as the former show, and it has been created by Kurt Sutter along with Elgin James. The show dropped its first episode back on the 4th of September 2014 on FX. The main focus is laid on the Mayans Motorcycle Club in the series. Till this point in time, we have had two seasons of Mayans M. C., which has proved themselves to be pretty successful.

After seeing how popular the two installments have been, the creators have announced that a third season is on its way. And it is not long before we get to see the new outing because a release date for it has already been announced, which we will get to later in this article. As for the plot of the show, Mayans M. C. is set to take place almost two years after the events that have happened in Sons of Anarchy. Also, the creators have set the location differently, too.

Mayans M. C. season 3 release date

Mayans M. C. season 3 Plot

The story takes place hundreds of miles away in Santo Padre. This place is located on the California border and is fictional. The main protagonist of the series is Ezekiel EZ Reyes, and we get to see all the struggles that he is going through. Also, you guys should know that he is a prospect in the charter of Mayans Motorcycle Club. Now, the camera follows his life as he is struggling in the plot in order to achieve his goal. All this guy had was an American dream, but that is no way out of his hands because of being involved in cartel violence.

At times when we look at this character, it is witnessed that he is a proud son of a Mexican family. When the course of this show starts, we see that he just has revenge in his mind. Nothing is more fascinating to him than the vengeance that he had to take from the people who have ruined his whole mission. This is what makes a life for him that he has never imagined, and now that he has started out his journey on this track, he can not back out.

Mayans M. C. season 3 release date

Mayans M. C. season 3 Cast Members

The show has been loved by all the people who have watched it till now. The main reason is because of the amazing storyline and the universe in which the show is set in. The next fact which is completely adored by fans is the talented cast members that have been employed by the creators. The list includes J. D. Pardo reprising the role of Ezekiel EZ Reyes. He is the son of Felipe while serving as the younger brother of Angel. Sarah Bolger enacts the character of Emily Thomas. She was lived by EZ when they were kids, but now she is married to Miguel Galindo. Clayton Cardenas plays the part of Angel Reyes.

He is a full-patch member of the Mayans Motorcycle Club. Then we have Michael Irby reprising the role of Obispo Bishop Losa. He is the president of the Mayans Motorcycle Club. Carla Baratta enacts the character of Adelita. She has her own sets of revenge because when she was a kid, she watched her entire family die at the hands of the Galindo cartel. Richard Cabral plays the part of Johnny El Coco Cruz. He is a former Marine sniper and also a full-patch member of the Mayans Motorcycle Club.

Mayans M. C. season 3 release date

Now, you all must have been waiting for the section where we reveal the release date. Mayans M. C. season 3 release date is scheduled to be on the 16th of March 2021. On this day, the creators will drop out the first two episodes of the installment. In these, we will be able to witness EZ as well as Angel, who is currently having chaos in their family. It is because a family secret has come out. On the other hand, we will witness Miguel losing it all because he is in deep grief. This is also making his group weak, but he, without realizing the loss, has set on a journey to find out the answers. EZ is a full-patch member, too and thus, he is going to propose quite a bold plan among his clan that might actually turn the whole story around.

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