May Queen Korean Drama Review

May Queen
K-Drama May Queen

May Queen is a South Korean Drama that aired from 18th August 2012 to 23rd December 2012. With a total of 38 episodes, the drama was immensely popular on its time. Not only did the drama capture the heart of many South Korean fans and audience but also of the global audience as well. The popularity of the show led to its release in several different countries around the globe. Till 2016 the dubbing of the show in different languages was still going on. This could easily show us the reputation and overall popularity of the show.

It was further broadcasted in countries like China, Malaysia, Taiwan, the Philippines, France, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and Turkey. With the emerging popularity, it also grabbed a lot of awards and appreciation. Kim Jae Won got the award as the 2012 Hallu star award, Han Ji Ye got the top excellence award in actress. The writer of the drama also got the Writer of the Year Award. All the actors won huge appreciation from the audience and recognition from the audience overall. It won’t be wrong to state the drama, May Queen was a breakthrough for almost all the actors who were a part of the show.

May Queen Plot Review

May Queen
A still from K-drama May Queen

May Queen the South Korean drama revolves around three main characters Kang San, Chun Hae Joo, and Park Chang Hee. These three people experience betrayal, love, ambition, and revenge in a society that just favors the rich. Chun Hae Joo is the main protagonist who began her life in utter poverty. She struggles hard to achieve her dreams and breakthroughs the obstacles to fulfill her dreams. Park Chang Hee on the other hand is quite well off still decides to go humbly in the path. He chose a straight path to begin his career as a prosecutor. Kang San is the son of a rich man and has had a privileged life. He came back from abroad to South Korea and soon gets into never untangling relationships with Chun Hae Joo.

What fate has in store can’t be told easily and the life around the three goes through ups and downs. We get to see the murder of a scientist Yune Hak-Su and how his family suffers from both fear and grief. A series of events related to the case starts appearing and untangling before the audience. The story starts with this murder. Chun Hae Joo’s father was murdered by Do-Hyun. Do- Hyun decides to kill her father since he loved Chun Hae Joo’s mother. He even further ordered to kill the little Chun Hae Joo but she was saved. Park Gi Chul was given the order to kill the then 2-year old Chun Hae Joo, but he couldn’t do it and took her to another family of his acquaintance. She grew up in a different family but fate has something else in store for them.

Not knowing her daughter is still alive Chun Hae Joo’s mother marries Do Hyun. After 11 years Chun Hae Joo’s current family arrives in the city running away from the debtors. Chun Hae Joo transfers to a new school where Do-Hyun’s daughter In Hwa also goes. On the first day of school, fights break between Chun Hae and In Hwa. Chun Hae Joo’s real mother comes to the school as In Hwa’s mother, how will she get to know that her daughter is still alive is shown aptly in the drama. Overall the narration and depiction of the drama is entirely fabulous making us keen to know always what comes next. Of course in the very end, Chun Hae Joo overcomes the hardships in her life and grows as an expert on the seas.

May Queen
A still from k-drama May Queen

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The Cast Of May Queen

The direction of the drama has been done under Baek Ho Min and Lee Sung Joon. With the screenwriting under Son Young Mok. As For the main role, Kim Jae Won has been cast for the role of Kang San. Han Ji Hye has been cast as the main lead for the role of Chun Hae Joo. Jae Hee has been cast for the role of Park Chang Hee. Several other actors and actresses are seen in the drama in support roles and guest roles. We also get to see Im Chae Sun, Seo Gyung Hwa, and Jung Dong Gye in guest roles. In the major support role, we see Lee Hoon, Yoon Jung Eun, Yoon Jong Hwa, Kim Ji Young, MC Gree, Jeong Ji So, Park Ji Min, and Lee Deok Hwa.

Kim Jae Won is a South Korean actor and has been working in the industry for a long now. He got married in 2013 and made his acting debut in the 2001 television sitcom Honey Honey. His famous works include Let Me Introduce Her, Father I’ll take of you, Splendid Politics, Scandal, Can You Hear My Heart, 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant, and many more. He has been active mostly in dramas.

May Queen
Main lead from the k-drama May Queen

Han Ji Hye is a South Korean actress. Her original name was Lee Ji Hye but she uses her stage name Han Ji Hye. She is an experienced actress and has been in the industry for a long. She came into the industry as a model and later continued doing acting. Han Ji Hye got married to a non-celeb in September 2010. Her popular works include Golden Garden, Marry me now, Legendary Witch, Heaven Show, Humming, and many more. She also actively participated in many specials and tv shows. She was last seen in the drama Once Again in a support role.

Jae Hee is a South Korean actor who made his debut through drama school. His breakthrough work was the movie 3-Iron which established his worth in the industry. He got huge success from the movie both domestically and internationally. Later he revealed he has been married to a non-celeb since 2010 and the couple even has a son together. He is a very private person and tries not to disclose his private life. His popular works include A Good Supper, Blessing Of The Sea, Vampire Detective, Three das one mom, School2, 3-iron, the art of fighting, and many more. He also actively participated in many tv-shows and has mostly been active in dramas.

Will There be May Queen Season 2?

The answer to that is a little complex, the series has been highlighted in many events but the confirmation of such is yet to come. All the leads of the drama are now more indulged in their private life which makes it a little tough for the show to make a comeback. But of course, the popularity of the show cant be entirely neglected. There is a higher chance for the show to return with a new story and new cast like what happened with Eulachacha Waikiki 2.

May Queen
A still from the k-drama May Queen

The South Korean drama May Queen keeps on appearing on many online searches ad with higher demand the makes might consider a season 2. The drama was completed way back in 2012 but the dubbing continued till 2016 so the renewal of the show basically depends on the fans. On the urge of high demand, the show may come back but the certainty is a little less. Will you like the drama to come back with a cast do let us know. Any updates on the new season will be shared here on a prior basis till then keep watching.

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Where to Watch May Queen

May queen the South Korean drama was broadcasted on the original network MBC and is available on their original website. The drama aired on 18th August 2012 and went off the air on 23rd December 2012. It aired every Saturday and Sunday on the original network MBC. With a duration of 1hr 15min of every episode the drama had a total of 38 episodes. It became highly popular in its time and hence the last episode was closed with the maximum number of viewers. The ratings of the show were quite stable and episode 38 grabbed the maximum attention.

The South Korean drama My Queen is also available on the online broadcasting sites Kocowa and Viki along with subtitles. The genres of the show include Romance, drama, and melodrama. If you are a K-Drama fan and want to watch something stable on a holiday this a much-recommended drama for you then. The narration and presentation of the drama are actually very good and takes us into the life of the characters directly. What are your opinions on the show do let us know for sure.

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