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Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings For May 2021

May Girl Group Brand Reputation ranking
May Girl Group Brand Reputation ranking

After The Korean Business Research Institute revealed the May Boy Group Brand ranking, it’s time for the girls to shine. The Research instituted has announced the list. The list includes the Girl Groups from South Korea, who have achieved various numbers based on an informative study. Thier fans also play a very important role to get them on the top of the list. The rankings are decided through a study of the consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes of various girl groups. The data used to determine the ranking is collected from April 9 to May 9. Moreover, many have increased their level, while some have lost their previous positions. But, no matter what, the fans keep on cheering on them. So, let’s find out who tops the list of May Girl Group Brand Reputation.

Again this month, Brave Girl has charted number 1. The girl group recently created a music frenzy amongst fans with their new song, “Rollin.” It also marks their biggest hit since their debut. Moreover, the title of the song is also one of the most researched keywords. Following them is Blackpink on number 2. Meanwhile, Oh My Girl, TWICE, and STAYC take the positions on the last three spots of the top 5.

Other than the major details on the top 5, make sure you also check out the complete list.

1. Brave Girls

For the second month, Brave Girls are holding the crown of being number 1. Formed by Barve Brother in 2011, it is about time they get credit for their hard work. Although their song Rollin came out almost 4 years ago, they have gained fame because of it in 2021. After a compilation of them was surfaced online, the girls became the hot topic among Kpop lovers. It is true that Brave Girl’s fans have made them the leading girl group at present.

May Girl Group Brand Reputation ranking

Phrases in the group’s keyword analysis included “Rollin’,” “ad,” and “gift to fans.” On the other hand,  their highest-ranking related terms included “release,” “advertise,” and “model.” The group stands at the apex with a brand reputation index of 3,711,562 for May.

2. Blackpink

Blackpink came out in 2016 and made everyone their fan. With their fiery music, appealing choreography, and breathtaking visuals, the girl group is famous globally. With multiple hits, the girls take up the second position this month. The four-piece group has previously topped the charts multiple times. But it’s okay to enjoy fame from a different spot. They have recently released their new album, and the song “Lovesick Girls” is receiving love from all over the world.

May Girl Group Brand Reputation ranking

Blackpink’s brand reputation index for May is 3,521,993. Until then, you can enjoy their music video here. 

3. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl is at number 3 with a brand reputation index of  1,920,338. The WM Entertainment’s eight-piece group has been doing wonders for months. They recently made a superb comeback. Also, their eight Ep album is on the way. Also, a new single from the album will also be released on the very same day. Now that they are in the form, expect more music and performances from the group.

May Girl Group Brand Reputation ranking


On fourth, we have South Korea’s cheery girl group, TWICE. The nine-member group has been spreading happiness since their debut. The girls have given multiple hits to the nation and are known for their colorful and joyous music videos. In April, their agency, JYP announced that they will make a comeback with a new mini-album. Hence, the group’s tenth Korean EP will release on June 9 and 11. We can expect to see them switching positions once it comes out.

May Girl Group Brand Reputation ranking

The girls have a brand reputation index of 1,882,766 for this month.


The newly released group is making news with their talented songs and performances. STAYC made its debut last year in November. It hasn’t been a year, and they are already in the top five. The girls made thier debut with a single album, “Star to a Young Culture.” Thier debut album and its title track, “So Bad,” also made it to the Gaon music charts, Billboard’s K-pop 100, and World Digital Song Sales Chart. In 2021, they released thier second album “Staydom,” and it has sold over 50,000 copies. Damn! Thier brand reputation index is 1,658,272.

You can watch thier debut music video down below:

Here’s the complete list of the top 30 girl groups.

  1. Brave Girls
  3. Oh My Girl
  4. TWICE
  5. STAYC
  6. Red Velvet
  7. ITZY
  10. WJSN
  12. Lovelyz
  13. Apink
  14. Girls’ Generation
  15. (G)I-DLE
  16. Weeekly
  17. LOONA
  18. aespa
  19. Dreamcatcher
  20. cignature
  21. fromis_9
  22. DIA
  23. EXID
  25. LABOUM
  26. ELRIS
  27. Weki Meki
  28. Rocket Punch
  29. woo!ah!

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