Matthew Gray Gubler Girlfriend: Who is he dating in 2021?

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Matthew Gray Gubler: Who is the Actor Dating In 2021?
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 18: Actor and director Matthew Gray Gubler visits Build Series to discuss the TV show "Criminal Minds" with the Build Series at Build Studio on October 18, 2018 in New York City.

Who is the girlfriend of Matthew Gray Gubler? Born on March 9, 1980, Matthew Gray Gubler is globally recognized as a powerhouse of amazing talents and skills. He is an American actor, filmmaker, fashion model, painter, illustrator, director, and author. He is best known for his role in the CBS television show titled “Criminal Minds” as criminal profiler Dr. Spencer Reid. The surprising point is that he also directed some of the show’s episodes. He was immensely praised for both his acting and directing skills for the show.

Matthew has been praised globally for his acting skills. He was starred in a number of hit indie movies such as The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, (500) Days of Summer, Life After Beth, and Horse Girl.

He is known to be a hopeless romantic personality. It won’t be wrong to say that he is a women charmer with his stunning looks and gentlemen personality. Though he likes to keep a low profile about his love life that doesn’t stop him from always been on the radar of media and paparazzi when it comes to his dating life. Well, who doesn’t want to know about this sweet romantic gentleman who is still appreciated by all his exes?

The internet grew wild when the 41-year-old actor opened up about his dating history in an interview with Glamour in 2015. He said, “I fall in love with wonderful people and people that can’t be replicated. They are completely unique individuals, and those people are really rare, and you can’t let them go. He said that he gotta be friends with them forever because if I am going to date someone, it’s a real big thing for me. It means that I feel that we are tied together for life, whether they like it or not!”.

So, the question that hangs in mid-air is that “Is he dating someone currently?”. Let’s take a quick peek into the current dating life of Matthew.

Matthew Gray Gubler Girlfriend: Is he dating someone currently?

Matthew Gray Gubler is currently single. Well, it is true that Matthew has a comparatively long list of his exes. For a long time, people thought that the relationship between Matthew and Kat Dennings was a promised long-term one, which it was. Though their shooting schedule got busier for the show “Criminal Minds,” their relationship too became tough with it.

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Matthew Gray Gubler: Who is the Actor Dating In 2021?
Matthew Gray Gubler and Kat Dennings

Therefore, the couple called off their relation though they still are good friends and even made the movie “Suburban Gothic” together.

When it comes to his current dating life, then the news flash is that the handsome Band of Robbers is currently single. His last public relationship was with Taylor Swift, as we can say. After that, the actor kept a low profile about things. Therefore, we can conclude that he is currently not dating anyone.

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Matthew Gray Gubler: Dating History

In his interview with Mademoiselle Robot in 2009, Matthew admitted that he has always gone the extraordinary ways to impress his girlfriends. He said, “I have done some pretty crazy stuff. I once handmade a girlfriend a 50-page leather-bound book. It was an illustrated fairy tale about a princess and an eccentric magician. It took me about a month to make, and it was all rhyming, hand-painted. Something I was pretty gosh darn proud of.”

Well, a man raised the standards by many bars.

  1. Kat Dennings:

Back in 2005, Matthew and 2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings started dating. Around the same time, Matthew was working on the show titled “Criminal Minds”.

They were together for years though the same time management and busy schedule issue made their relationship harder to keep on.

Therefore, the couple broke off later though they are still good friends. And, also made a movie together titled “Suburban Gothic” in 2014.

  1. Victoria Asher:

Matthew and musician Victoria Asher revealed their relationship in public sometime after he split up with Kat.

There is not much information about their relationship though it is predicted that they were together for about a year.

  1. Ali Michael:

A successful runway model Ali Michael met Matthew as they were reportedly repped by the same agency for a period of time. Nothing much is known about their relationship.

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Michael has appeared in several popular magazines like W, harper’s Bazaar, and Teen Vogue, and was the Playboy Playmate of the Month in July 2016.

  1. Taylor Swift:

Taylor is one of the most famous exes of Matthew Gray Gubler. The rumors of both of them being together began to spread like wildfire in 2013. Though, to the media, their relationship appeared casual and short-lived.

As per our sources, their busy schedules led to their break-up.

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