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Matteo Berrettini Net Worth: Italian Tennis Player’s Assets, Earnings & Endorsements

matteo berrettini net worth
matteo berrettini net worth

In this article, we cover the net worth of Matteo Berrettini. Matteo is an Italian professional tennis player who gained notoriety recently for playing two-time Wimbledon champion, Novak Djokovic. Sadly for Matteo, he lost that match to Djokovic 6-7, 6-4, 6-4, and 6-3.  Despite the defeat, Matteo has an impressive record to his name. You never reach the final court of Wimbledon without talent. And this 25-year-old Italian pro tennis player ranks number 9 at the ATP rankings. 2021 is an excellent year in his career. Reaching semi-finals and finals in a Grand Slam is an excellent credit to your pro career.

Matteo Berrettini’s net worth comes mainly from his tennis earnings. That last match at Wimbledon raked him a nice pile of cash. But he also earns a lot of money from his endorsement deals, which we will cover in the next sections of this article. Additionally, here at Otakukart, we post daily updates on all your favorite athletes, so thank you for reading this. But let’s get back to Matteo. Did you know that Matteo debuted in the ATP in 2017? That’s an impressive career jump: From the Italian Open to Wimbledon: Let’s take a look at Matteo’s net worth.

Matteo Berrettini Net Worth: Italian Tennis Player’s Assets, Earnings & Endorsements

Matteo Berrettini has an estimated net worth of about US $7.5 million. His major source of income comes from playing professional tennis in the ATP circuit. Matteo’s most recent match was the Wimbledon Championships tournament. With a second-place at one of the four “Grand Slams” of professional tennis —the other being the US Open, France’s clay courts at Roland Garros, and the Australian Open— Matteo has the opportunity every player has at his level. He also makes a lot of money from his endorsement deals. Read on as we cover more into Berrettini’s endorsements.

Matteo plays with Head racquets and signed with Signum-Pro. French automobile maker Peugeot and Italian olive oil company Colavita signed him. He is also sponsored by Sports apparel Lotto clothes Berrettini when he’s on the field. You can see him sporting a Lotto jersey in his post-match interview for the 2021 Wimbledon men’s singles finals in the next image. With those sponsors and that close to victory, you’re still on the good run, Matteo! Good for Matteo! One of Matteo’s most interesting things is his all-court gameplay. His forehand is very good, and his services can go over 220 Km/h (that’s 146 mph, for you non-metric system boys and girls out there).  But wait, because there’s more on him!

matteo berrettini net worth -

Berrettini Net Worth: US $7.5 million

Matteo Berrettini Personal Life

Matteo is your average Rome guy. He was born to Claudia Bigo and Luca Berrettini. And the eldest of two brothers in that marriage. Did you know that his brother also plays tennis: Jacopo Berrettini (born in 1998) and ranks 388 in the ATP. The Berrettini brothers also have Brazilian blood running in their veins. His mom’s grandmother hails from the land of Samba. This pro tennis player is also a polyglot! He speaks Spanish, English, and Italian and lives in Monaco. Girls, if you want to know if Matteo Berrettini is in a relationship, we have to tell you that you have to look elsewhere: He’s in a romantic relationship with Aussie pro tennis player Alja Tomljanovic.

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Who is Matteo Berrettini Dating? Is the Italian Pro Tennis Player Single or Dating?

matteo berrettini net worth

Matteo Berrettini Net Worth is US $7.5 million

Alja Tomljanovic is an Australian-Croatian professional Tennis player. She was born in Zagreb and relocated to Australia. She debuted pro back in 2008 at Mexico City for the ITF Circuit. With mixed results and recovering from an old injury, Alja surely has time when she’s not on court to be in the arms of her boyfriend, pro tennis player Matteo Berrettini in lovely and posh Monaco driving a fancy Peugeot automobile. Back to Matteo now. Did you know that Italy didn’t have a chance at the Wimbledon final since 1976? That’s right, despite losing to tennis legend Novak Djokovic, he still brings smiles to Italians as they rejoice from a recent Euro 2020 final championship.

Matteo Berrettini Court Game Analysis

We already covered Matteo’s offensive game: His strong points are his forehand and powerful serve. But Matteo is an all-court player, so his defensive game is the best offense. He lost to Novak Djokovic because he knew that he was forced to defend when put on the run. So it’s all about lighting a fuse and tiring him. When he gets tired, he loses focus, and his naturally aggressive game flaunts dramatically. So, the best Matteo can do is chill out a little when he’s on the run. One point here and there will make him the difference in the long run.

To wrap things up. Matteo Berrettini is an Italian 25-year-old tennis player who lost to Novak Djokovic in this year’s 2021 Wimbledon tournament. His net worth rounds about US $7.5 million. He lives in Monaco and currently has a romantic relationship with fellow tennis player Croatian-Australian Alja Tomjlanovic. Matteo has a brother who also plays tennis and ranks in the low 300s in the ATP. Matteo Berrettini has endorsements from Head, Peugeot, Lotto, Colavita, and Signum-Pro. We wrap up our coverage of Matteo Berrettini by reminding you to please keep coming back to our site, Otakukart: We post daily!

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