Matt Gaetz Net Worth, Career, Controversies, & Earnings

Matt Gaetz Net Worth

We all know the notable law practitioner of America who is a politician as well named Matt Gaetz. He served as one of the U.S Representatives for Florida’s 1st congressional district. He is the representative since 2017. Other than that, he is also a member of the Republican Party which covers a larger fraction of the western part of Florida that is the Florida Panhandle. This also includes Pensacola, Destin, Navarre along with his hometown Fort Walton Beach.

Apart from that, he was also the representative of another election in Florida that is Florida’s 4th House District which was in the Florida House of Representative. This election includes a larger fraction of Okaloosa County. He won the election of the U.S House held in 2016. Being such a great representative he was reelected by a large margin of people in the election held in 2018 as well as in 2020. With his staunch support for the President of America that is Donald Trump he became popular for being a strong ally and supporter of the President as well

Childhood and Education

Matt Gaetz Net Worth
Young Matt Gaetz and Matt Gaetz now

Born on the 7th of May 1982 was the popular representative of America named Matthew L. Gaetz or as we may know his Matt Gaetz. He was born in the beautiful city of Hollywood in Florida. His mother was Victoria Quertermous and his father was Don Gaetz. With gradual time his father emerged as one of the leading local politicians of their area. From the very childhood, his dwelling place was Fort Walton Beach. Talking about his high school, he completed his graduated in 2000 from Niceville High School. For his college, he went to the state university of Florida named Florida State University. He completed college in 2003 with a degree in B. S in the interdisciplinary sciences. Other than that he also received a Juris Doctorate from the renowned law school named Willam & Marry Law School. In completed his degree in 2007.

Having a political background where his father, Don Gaetz was elected for representing some parts of Northwest Florida. He became a member of the Senate of Florida named Flordia State Senate, for a span of 10years that is from 2006-2016. In that period he was chosen as the Senate President for 2years that is from 2012 to 2014. Apart from that hid grandfather was elected as the mayor of the state of Rugby which is in North Dakota named Jerry Gaetz. Other than that he applied as a candidate for the post of lieutenant governor of the North Dakota in the North Dakota Republican Party in 1964. It was a convention where he expired because of Heart failure. Coming back to his schooling and work life, after completing his Juris Doctorate from the renowned law school named William & Mary Law School. He was selected in the popular law firm named Keefe, Anchors &Gordon which is now known as the Anchors Gordon. He worked in his hometown only that is in Fort Walton Beach

Working as a Representative

US Representative Matt Gaetz

After the registration of the Republican State Representative of the Ray Sansom’s on the corruption charged given to him in February 2010, Gaetz was chosen as the successor of Sansom in the 4th district election. In that election, the parts included were Southern Santa Rosa County as well as the Okaloosa County. Other than that he also won the election with 43% of the vote in the crowded republican place which included Craig Barker, Kabe Woods, Jerry G. Melvin as well as Bill Gravie. Apart from that he also won the special general election defeating his opposition member with a majority of 43%. While he was campaigning for the election, he received a lump sum amount of $480,000 in the contribution which is calculated to be four times more than anyone else would get in this field. Apart from that, it was 50times more than Fernald which included his own money of $100,000

With being in power he was unopposed for a full term in 2010. After a few years in 2012, after the reconfiguration happened in the Florida House of Representative districts, his area of the rule was then removed from Santa Rosa County. later he was elected for the unopposed in 2012 as well as 2014. During the period of his serving in the statehouse, Gaetz, and Joe Negron who was the State Senator at that time put forward legislation that will further help to manage the execution of their inmates who were killed on Florida’s death row. The legislation will only be possible if the governor signs a death warrant for the people whose appeals were exhausted. Other than that he was also part of the legislation proposed by the state senator named Greg Evers. They propose to eliminate the federal ethanol content which was made mandatory that 10% of gasoline sold in Florida contained ethanol. The legislation was signed by the governor named Rick Scott in the May of 2013.  

In the case of George Zimmerman, where the person who shot Trayvon Martin, the speaker of the Florida House named Will Weatherford declared the order of hearing on the stand-your gound law that was the main focal point of the trial. At that time Gaetz was the chairman of the Criminal Justice Subcommittee, was assigned the tasks reviewing the legislation. He was asked to change of some the portions but he said he will not change any part of the legislation specifically a coma. After listing to both sides’ testimony he said that the defendants were able to use the stand-your-ground legislation successfully during the trial period. Later the information was removed from their criminal record.  

After some time in 2013, he declared that he will be in the first District state senate seat which was retained by his father who was Don Gaetz after he leaves the Senate in 2016. Later, on the 21st of March in 2016, he decided to withdraw himself from the race, when chose the run for the US House seat which represented Florida’s 1st Congressional District. In that very year that is in 2016 on the 30th of August, he got elected as the Republican Primary with a majority of 35.7% vote. In that election, he dated Greg Evers who won a majority of 21.5% Cris Dosev who won 20.6% seats, and five other candidates as well. With this, his victory in the general election was assured virtually.

After some time on the 8th of November Gaetz won the general election by defeating Steven Specht who was a democratic nominee. He earned a majority of 69%, becoming the seventh person to represent the district since 1993. Although after some time a financial disclosure was filled by Gaetz in 2016 which defines his net worth to be $388,000. But later he donated a lump sum amount of $200,000 from his own money to the campaign of Congress. Other than that he also resigned from both the Florida house of the Political Action Committees that he had started and chaired as well. Apart from that the PACs were also closed down and the amount of $380,000 was sent to the federal super PAC, which is of the North Florida Neighbors. They were assigned to support Gaetz in his congressional campaign. 

Position in Politics

Matt Gaetz Net Worth
Matt Gaetz with others in the show named The View

Having such a strong political position, he was identified as a Libertarian populist. The ways he manages and puts forward his view is identified as nationalist. He was also given the nickname of Far-fight by the news channel of Israel named The Times of Israel. He was given the name because of his closeness to Donald Trump. Later he put forward legislation which was about the reclassification of the cannabis from two schedules namely the Schedule I to Schedule III. The legislation was put forward by the Controlled Substances Act. Following the success of his previous legislation, he also put forward another legislation which was about loosening the federal restriction that was put on the cultivation of cannabis that was used for research. Apart from that he also criticized the federal government for lying to the American citizens about the cannabis medical benefits for more than a generation. Being a member of the Florida house he was in the power to sign a bill, that he signed to make it a law which states to expand the rights of the state under the law Right to Try Act to include the medical use of cannabis.  

After some years that is in 2019 in November Gaetz voted for the MORE act that is the Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act, becoming one of the two members of the Republicans on the House of Judiciary Committee. In that act, it stated that cannabis would be removed from the Controlled Substances Act. A few years later he another bill which states to resist federal interference of the state that holds legalized cannabis for medical or recreational purposes. The bill was later made a law named the STATES Act.  

Going to the past period to legislating the STATES Act, in April in 2018 he was regarded as one of the most enthusiastic defenders of President Trump by the popular political news channel name Politico. He was also called the proud Trump Protege. The then person of The Washington Post named Aron Blake called him one of the most controversial members of the Congress party. He was also regarded as the one who had unabashedly aligned himself with Trump on basically all things. Other than that he also made his appearance in the show named The View, promptly before the association of Trump with Roger Stone. In that case Gaetz forgave Stone.

Foreign and Other Policies

Matt Gaetz’s foreign and other policies

Foreign Policies

By the end of 2017 that is in December, Gaetz agreed with the decision taken by Trump to make Jerusalem the Captial of Israel. After a couple of years, that is in 2019 in April, when the House proposed to withdraw the support of America from the intervention of Yemen lead by Saudi Arabia he became of the nine lawmakers to sign a letter to requesting his urge to meet him and sign the Sene Joint Resolution 7 which mention invoking War Powers Act of 1973. It was done to unauthorized US military participation in the Saudi-led coalition’s arm conflict which was held against the Houthi forced in Yemen. which was initiated by the Obama administration in 2015. After a few years that is in 2021, Gaetz was counted under one of the 14members of the House Republicans who voted against the measure denouncing the Myanmar coup d’etat that was passed inordinately for the reason which remains unclear. 

Other policies

Other than being a part of the foreign policies he was a part of other policies as well. In October 2017 Gaetz stated that the expansion of Medicaid was permitted by the Affordable Care Act which fueled the crisis of opioids. The claim was rated mostly fake by the popular non-profitable project named PolitiFact. Being one of the prominent leaders of the state of Florida in 2015, he with David Richarson who was the other representative sponsored an amendment bill to make a repeal to the state of Florida on the ban of adopting babies by a couple of same Sex. His father was also inducted into the Florida State Senate to support the repeal. Other than that he also cast his vote against the Equality Act. 

During his reign

Matt Gaetz Net Worth
Matt Gaetz to file ethics charges against the Speaker of the house, Nancy Pelosi

After the death of the popular pitcher of the renowned team named Miami Marlins was Jose Fernandez on the wake of the 25th of September in 2016, the US representative Gaetz denigrated the athletes who were protesting during the time of the national anthem. He did so with his Twitter handle by posting a tweet regarding this issue. Other than that he was counted under the list of moderate members of the Republican Main Street Partnership. He served the position from January to June in 2017. After a couple of years that is in 2019, he informed his contacts that he may take part in the run for the Senate which will take place in Alabama in 2020. Alabama is the state borders of his district. But for some reason, he decided not to take part in the run. 

In the very next year that is 2020 following the State of the Union Address, Gaetz filed a charge of ethics complaint again the Speaker of the House who was the popular speaker named Nancy Pelosi. He stated that Pelosi had flagrantly violated the decorum while further lead to her breaking the law as she tore the copy of the speech. In that very year that is in 2020 itself in February, Gaetz made an official announcement stating that he will not accept any kind of contributions for his campaigns from the federal PAC. 


Matt Gaetz Net Worth
Matt Gaetz wearing a gas mask showing his precautions for the deadly pandemic of covid-19

In January 2018 he heartily invited Charles C. Johnson’s alt-right Holocaust denier. He invited him to attend the State of the Union that was addressed by Trump. He stated that he had no old connection with Johnson but invited him to attend the event just because he showed up at Gaetz’s office by giving him a ticket that his father could not use because of an illness. But according to Johnson he said that he received the invitation from others as well but took Gaetz’s invitation seriously because he was interested in the topics that Gaetz covers. Other than that it is also seen that Johnson has raised money earlier for the Neo-Nazi movement in the popular website named The Daily Stormer.

Talking about his recent controversies, during the time of the deadly pandemic that is in the March of 2020 he attended the House of Debate with a gas mask on his face showing a sign to deal with the deadly Covid-19 pandemic. Though some people said that it was an act of mockery but he made it clear by stating that he wanted to show his concern. After a few days, on the 9th of March, it was reported that he was tested positive for Covid-19. Looking back to his past meetings he was one of the attendees in a conference that is the Conservative Political Acting Conference. But the very next day he declared that the test was negative in spite of that he would remain in self-quarantine for a span of 14days 

Net Worth

Matt Gaetz Net Worth
Matt Gaetz Net Worth

Matt Gaetz is a great lawyer as well as a prominent politician, who was elected to Congress. He served in the 1st district of Florida in 2016. Talking about his financial status, according to the reports of 2010, Gaetz’s net worth at that time was somewhere around more than $1million. But the surprising fact is that he only earned a total of $29thousand that year. After a few years that is in 2016, he disclosed his financial status. According to the report of 2016 his net worth was somewhere estimated to be a little less than $500,000. Over the years he became more and more prominent in his field of politics. As of 2021, according to reports, his net worth is stated to be somewhere around $700,000.

Personal Life

Matt Gaetz Net Worth
Matt Gaetz with his girlfriend Ginger Luckey

There is a fun fact about the childhood of Gaetz that is he lived in the house that we see in the drama directed by Peter Weir named The Truman Show. According to the reports of 2018, his parents still live at that place only which is in the Seaside of Florida. Outside of the house, there is a sign on the fence saying “the Truman House”. His younger sister whose name is Erin was the director of the popular digital camping named Jeb Bush’s 2016 Presidential Campaign.

In the argument that with the then Representative named Cedric Richmond which was held in June in 2020, he said that he had been staying with a 19-year-old immigrant from the state of Cuba named Nestor Galban from the time when Galban was a 12-year-old kid. But later he rectified the words and said that Galban was the brother of his ex-girlfriend. He also said that they all together spend time with each other that is with his ex-girlfriend his brother and Gaetz’s whole family. Though the two are not related through any genetic or legal connection still they share a family bond. By the end of 2020 that is in December Gaetz announced his engagement with his girlfriend named Ginger Luckey. His girlfriend was the sister of the renowned brand named Oculus VR as well as the major donor of the Republican party named Palmer Luckey

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