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Matiss Kivlenieks Net Worth: How Much Was The Ice Hockey Player Worth?

matiss kivlenieks net worth
Matiss Kivlenieks

4th July, which is often known as America’s Independence Day, turned out to be a sad day for the world of sports. The day’s celebrations turned out to be someone’s cause of death. And that someone was none other than Matiss Kivlenieks. Yes, you heard it right. The 24-years-old sportsman was killed due to some firework malfunctioning. He was a great player. Likewise, Metiss was in the phase of growth. There were a lot of goals left to achieve but destiny has some other plans for him.

Matiss Kivlenieks was a professional ice hockey player. He played as the goaltender of the team. Likewise, Matiss was a team member of the Latvian national team. Moreover, he played for Prizma Riga of the Latvian Hockey Higher League. Likewise, in the American Hockey League, Matiss played under the Cleveland Monsters. His career in ice hockey began in the year 2012. However, he gained recognition through his hard work and determination. The late ice hockey player has become the center of attraction after his life came to an end on 4th July 2021.

matiss kivlenieks net worth

As a result, the netizens are paying homage to the rising star. Likewise, everyone is curious about the player’s earnings at the time of his death. Moreover, his fans are devastated. They want to go through their bias’s career in one go. And to know more about his life and family. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing Matiss Kivlenieks’ net worth. Likewise, we will shed some light on his career and personal life. Here’s what we know about the deceased player.

Matiss Kivlenieks Net Worth

As of now, Matiss Kivlenieks’ net worth was expected to be $3 million. Matiss Kivlenieks was one of the emerging players in the field of ice hockey. Over the years, he played well for his teams. As a result, his fan following for increasing gradually. The ice hockey star was known for his defending techniques. Also, his fans were emerging across the world. Since the news of his death surfaced on the internet, the whole world went wild. People were devastated after hearing this news. On the other hand, the paparazzi went curious to know about the player’s net worth. He was among the best players of the time. Thus, his income was worth the discussion.

matiss kivlenieks net worth

His net worth was $3 million.

This number was in the line of increasing at a high pace. Many leagues and tournaments were lined up for the player. In the coming months, he was about to play near a dozen of matches. This would have eventually helped him in earning a fortune. However, it was not destined to see him shine brighter anymore.

More about Matiss Kivlenieks

Matiss was born on 26 August 1996. He was born in Riga, Latvia. However, at the time of death, Matiss was living in Novi, Michigan, the U.S. Matiss’ parents own a restaurant. Likewise, he has a sister. Kivlenieks was a talented player. Likewise, he was fluent in various languages. Born in a country in Europe, Matiss had a grip on Latvian and Russian languages. Meanwhile, playing in the States helped him learn English as well. Matiss was interested in the sport since a kid. He started playing ice hockey at the age of 3. Matiss was highly influenced by his cousin’s practice sessions.

matiss kivlenieks net worth

He was called “Kivi” by his teammates.

Over the years, he practiced hard to achieve his goals and fulfill his dreams of becoming a national player. Fortunately, he was able to do so. At the age of 5, Matiss got interested in playing as a goaltender. It seems like he was meant to become one. His first break came in the year 2011. Matiss began playing in the 2011-12 season for Prizma Riga. However, his time with the team was not even satisfactory.

matiss kivlenieks net worth

As a result, he left his country and went to North America. He was highly motivated to join North American teams and play in the junior leagues. It was a good plan. However, the initial years were not good. Later he joined the Coulee Region Chill as an emergency player. It worked in his favor. Finally, in the year 2016, he joined the Coulee Region Chill as a permanent player. As a part of his professional career, Matiss was playing under Columbus Blue Jackets during his last times.

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