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Masterpiece’s Guilt Ending Explained: Who Got Caught?

Masterpiece's Guilt Ending
Masterpiece's Guilt

Released back in 2019, Guilt is one of the best shows available on PBS Masterpiece. The four-episode mini-series directed by Robert McKillop and Patrick Harkins is a must-watch thriller. With crimes coming up in every corner, the show has kept the viewers interested. And stuck to the screen until the ending of Masterpiece’s Guilt. As left on the cliffhanger, writer Neil Forsyth is already working on the second season. Season 2 is on the verge of getting premiered in the UK. And with that, it will be entering a whole new story. Here is a look at what happened in the show for you to think about what might happen in the future.

The story begins with two brothers, Max, and Jake, driving back to their houses after attending a wedding. The brothers, who were opposites and ready to kill each other if left together, decided to share the car. As Max’s spouse left him alone at the wedding because of him fighting with the bride. On the way back home, as expected, the brothers started arguing on the way and hit something in the middle of the road. That something was an old man. The man named Walter was hit by Max’s car that Jake was driving in front of his house. As an angry Max tells Jake to leave things as they are, a panicking Jake goes out to check Walter. Finding out he is dead, the brothers realize that they are in grave danger.

Masterpiece's Guilt Ending explained

A still from Guilt; Max and Jake hitting Walter, an older man, with their car.

Masterpiece’s Guilt: Taking Care Of The Body

Afraid to leave the scene, Jake decides to pull the body into the backyard and let the people in the house know. But as Max finds the house empty, they both take Walter inside. Finding out that he was dying slowly from terminal stage cancer, Max sets the dead man on the sofa with his shoes and jacket off. Making it seem like he passed away in his sleep peacefully. The next morning both brothers met with Jake saying it was hard for him to get over this night. Days later, as things start getting normal for him, he gets a call telling him that Walter is dead. And that he forgot his wallet at his house while he was last visiting him.

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As an angry Max freaked out, Jake went back to Walter’s house to take the wallet; Jake met Walter’s niece Angie from Chicago. As they start getting close, Max tells Jake to stay with her so she can be done with her work here and they can finally move on from the night. But as Angie starts looking around the house and finds things like her uncle’s dirty pants and shoes. She starts to suspect that the cause behind her uncle’s death. Deciding to stay back in the city, she asks for the brother’s help. To help Angie and himself, Max gets a good-for-nothing detective named Kenny on the case. But it turns out Kenny won’t be any good for him, as he starts getting leads on the case.

Masterpiece's Guilt Ending

A still from the Guilt; Walter’s Niece Angie

As The Time Passes…

Time is not on Max’s side, as his wife is angry with him, and with the case of catching leads, his career is in danger.  An old woman who lives by the road tells Max that she knows everything about him and Walter. Sheila, who was very close to Walter, was in the house that night up in the room, as Max and Jake brought Walter to the house. She starts blackmailing him and asks him for 20 grands to keep her mouth shut. As much as he tries to bargain with her, she doesn’t budge. Going back home, he asks his wife, Claire, for the money that his brothers need. Hearing that he needs twenty grands, she refuses to give the money to him.

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Max & Kenny

On the other hand, Kenny has taken the stuff from Walter’s clothes and sent them to the lab for tests. Making the brothers more prone to get caught. In the coming future, he meets Kenny. And finds out that Kenny knows enough about the accident. Threatening to tell everything to the police and Angie, he asks for a share in his law firm.

As he finally decides to take care of the stuff on his own, Max begins with getting in touch with the hospital. He pays a nurse off to take care of the specimen sent in to be tested. Which the nurse does very carefully. Further on, he goes on to pay the twenty grands to Sheila along with a few papers that belonged to Walter. As Max, Jake, Angie, and Kenny meet and Kenny tells them that the specimen is gone from the hospital, Max starts getting angry at him and kicks him out of the case. But as everyone leaves, Angie calls Kenny up and tells him to get back on the case and look for the evidence.

A still from the Guilt

A still from the Guilt; Walter’s neighbor Sheil

Between Jake & Angie

With everything happening, Jake and Angie start getting closer day by day. Even though she suspects that he is hiding something about Walter. He had told her that he and her uncle were good friends, and Max used to handle his accounts back when he started. But Jake has his own doubts. As they go through the old pictures, he finds a picture of young Angie that doesn’t look like her. When he asks her, she tells him that she struggles a lot to get where she is.

After being confronted by a matchbox, she tells him that she lied to everyone. Her coming to the States, as it wouldn’t sound good that she was here but not taking care of her sick uncle. As she starts packing for home, he asks her to stay here with her. That is when she makes him realize that he should take charge of his own shop.

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Masterpiece’s Guilt: ending Explained

As the ending of Masterpiece’s Guilt approaches, the confessions come rolling in. As Jake and Angie were getting closer than ever, they both told the truth to each other. Angie told him that she wasn’t Walter’s niece but was hired by Sheila to help her get everything in his will. And Jake came clean about how he accidentally hit Walter by his car and tried to cover up the accident. From everything they have found out till now about Max and Sheila through Kenny, they have made sense that Max is about to ditch them. Max was trying to flee the country, putting all the blame on his brother as he was blackmailing Sheila. Knowing the truth, Jake had no choice but to betray his brother first. As the police come to take Max away, he is in utter shock, that is how his foolish brother betrays him.

Masterpiece's Guilt Ending

A still from the Guilt; Max and Jake talking after Jake teamed up with Angie and Sheila against him.

Thing About The Shop

Jake’s shop isn’t what it looked like. As he asks her brother to take full ownership of himself. Max asks for some time and proceeds with an ‘accountant’. Who tells him that the reality is dark and that shop is just a dream.  As he’s on his way from meeting Kenny, a few people stop and get into his car, claiming to be Cameron’s friends. Taking him to some unknown place with Kenny following behind. As the ending of Masterpiece’s Guilt approaches, Jake gets kidnapped. The next day, Max went to meet him, telling him that he had done it as he tried to step out of the system that was set up for a reason.

What Happened to Claire at the ending of Masterpiece’s Guilt

Jake’s partner, Claire, was left unnoticed but suffered a lot. She was mostly ignored by her husband and was suffering in her marriage. Meeting a woman named Tina at the gym, she was happy to find someone. One day going out for coffee together, Tina and Claire got close. As Tina tells her that she’s lesbian and likes her, Claire tries running away. But eventually comes back to her. But by the end, Tina ended up leaving the city as the place she was working at wasn’t legit. And by the ending of Masterpiece’s Guilt, Claire was left all alone in the city.

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