MasterChef Season 9 Episode 22-23: The Finale Pt. 1 And Pt. 2

MasterChef has been loved throughout the series, as contestants from all over the US have been being tested whether they are as per MasterChef standards or not, and that is what people love. Viewers have been watching the show to watch their favorite contestants working under pressure.

During this season, we have been watching many pressure tasks, team tasks, and different kinds of cuisines that contestants have to cook. After a long journey, we are moving towards the conclusion. So let’s get started with MasterChef season 9 episode 22-23 release date and spoilers.

MasterChef Season 9 Episode 22-23: The Finale Pt. 1 and Pt. 2

The 22nd and 23rd episodes are titled as “The Finale Pt. 1” and “The Finale Pt. 2” respectively. The show will be going on to the final episode after 21 episodes. Both the finale parts of episodes will be broadcasted on the same day. Episode 22-23 of MasterChef season 9 will be broadcasted on 19 September 2018. The show is broadcasted on Fox channel everything Wednesday (last time for this season though!).

The finale episodes can be streamed on Fox app too, as it only requires existing cable TV subscription details to gain access. Not just that, there are several other online streaming service providers where Fox channel is available.

The finale episode will bring out a new challenge for the last three contestants. But before that, let me remind you that Gerron and Samantha were in the bottom two in the previous episode. Both had to prepare an appetizer, an entre√©, and a dessert, for the judges. Samantha was then beaten by two dishes, as Gerron’s food was better than Samantha which led to the eviction of her. Here’s a preview for the next episode:

In the next episode, contestants will have to cook a three-course menu, within a limited period. Then the judges will taste the food, and they will decide who deserves to win the competition. Which means, all the struggle throughout the season will be verified in the last task. The winner will win the winning prize and the title of “MasterChef.” If you forgot that who are the final contestants, let me remind you. They are Ashley Mincey, Cesar Cano, and Gerron Hurt, and they all have worked hard to reach there.

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