Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger Season 2: Our Verdict

When it first dropped in the market, Cloak & Dagger surprised both audiences and the critics. It didn’t shock everyone because of its twisted storylines but because of the way it was made. The quality of everything in the show from the action, acting, direction, and storyline were top notches in the first season.

Also, it didn’t air from a big platform, and even with that disadvantage, it was able to make its place in the hearts of the audience. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone when I say that Cloak & Dagger season 2 is just as good as the first one and some might say even better. The story picked up after some months where season one ended. It is a role reversal sort of scenario between Tandy and Tyrone.

This time around its Tyrone who is living at the Church where Tandy lived last season and Tandy this season is living with her parents. The relationship between the two has developed tremendously.

Also, the best thing about this series is how it brings of the worst parts of our society like human trafficking, etc. onto the screen with ease.

It balances the story in a manner it is able to show and make the audience understand what is going on in our current society. In addition to this, we see that most of the superhero series’ are either lighthearted or too dark. It is like comparing Batman and Shazam who are quite the opposites.

But surprisingly, Cloak & Dagger gives us an awesome blend of the two and puts it on the plate for us to enjoy. The antagonist of season 2 is Mayhem. This character is a dangerous vigilante. The plot is pretty interesting, and I seriously recommend all of you to watch this awesome show. This show seems to be destined for great things.

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