Marvel’s Black Panther New Trailer Details And Reveal!

Marvel's Black Panther New Trailer Details And Reveal!

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has been booming with their franchise breaking the box office every time a film releases about a character. From this year, the character known as Black Panther has strike the fan base with curiosity eve since appearing in Captain America : Civil War. After seeing the end credit scene and then witnessing the first trailer for a Black Panther movie, the movie has been hyped as it is releasing next year February 2018. Today we are going to be discussing the second trailer for Black Panther as well as some of the things you missed!

Marvel's Black Panther New Trailer Details And Reveal!

To begin with, for this movie Marvel wanted to reconnect the character with his roots. We will finally be able to explore Wakanda as they have been an isolated society that doesn’t interfere with the affairs of the outside world. They’re protected and hidden inside of this bubble from the outside. It makes their entire civilization invisible. However, with T’Chaka and T’Challa heading to the outside world and interacting with the Avengers, the isolation of Wakanda has ended and is now appearing on a global basis.

Marvel's Black Panther New Trailer Details And Reveal!

As T’Chaka reaches home, he is now the new king of Wakanda as his father died and he must come to the fact of ruling a kingdom. We will explore T’Challa as he finds his path and learns to rule over his people. And of course, not everyone is agin to be happy with a new king. In this movie, T’Challa will face off against more than one enemy. One of those enemies that was teased in the trailer is M’Baku. M’Baku believes he can rule Wakanda better by balancing the high tech futuristic society with the tribal past of their people in a blended kingdom.

Marvel's Black Panther New Trailer Details And Reveal!

The trailer also showcased a bit of the spirit world where T’Challa is being watched from several Black Panthers within a tree. We also get to see Black Panthers brand new suit by Shuri (who has been said to equal the smarts of Tony Stark). And apart from Black Panthers new suit next to his old suit, is Killmongers suit which has gold accents. As for how he will obtain this suit, many people have said that he will steal it from under Shuri.

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