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Marvel Avengers Black Panther DLC: Everything To Know

All About Marvel Avengers Black Panther DLC
Marvel Avengers Black Panther DLC

What do we know about Marvel Avengers Black Panther DLC Release Date? It seems like the Marvel universe is expanding its horizons, and now even the gaming fraternity has something interesting in store. Get ready to witness T’ Challa back in action as the much-awaited Marvel’s avenger game Black Panther DLC. While fans have been missing the late actor who led us all, the studio has made a small attempt to revive the magic and action of Wakanda and to remember the last actor who will forever be the fearless T’Challa. 

The newest game will be set in Wakanda, while T’Challa will be introduced as one of the characters. The action is set in motion after Ulysses Klaue attempts to invade Wakanda. With this exciting new game here, Marvel is making sure that fans do not have a single dull moment! Let the action in Wakanda begin! As it has been explained, the Black Panther DLC will bring the game to a total of over 25 hours of single-player story content! That’s a lot of virtual Wakanda time! Let us take a look at all the details about the Marvel Avengers Black Panther DLC Release Date. 

Marvel Avengers Black Panther DLC release Date

The wait is finally over as The Black Panther DLC for Marvel’s Avengers game is finally releasing on 17th August 2021! With the game already on board, it seems like the gaming fanatics will experience the thrill yet again!

What Is The Pattern Of The Game

Marvel Avengers Black Panther DLC

As the gaming description states that Klaue is back in Wakanda to steal Vibranium and fulfill his evil intentions, T’Challa will be stopping him and will be back in action. Black Panther brings home the Avengers and his fellow Wakandans together to defend his home from the incoming danger. The action is set in motion after the villainous AIM organization joins forces with Klaue to attack Wakanda. The invasion will be done to loot all the valuable Vibranium.

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What Do We Know About The Newest DLC Game?

With the post-launch DLC content for the much-awaited Marvel’s Avengers game, fans will be happy to know that Black Panther DLC will be free for anyone that already has a copy of the main game! If you haven’t already witnessed the virtual Wakanda yet, here’s the official trailer of it. Marvel released the trailer back in June, and it has been gaining overwhelming attention from gamers!

The studio giant has several DLC chapters while focusing on the popular Marvel duo, Kate Bishop and Clint Barton, Marvels have more plans ahead, with Black Panther joining the game before the end of the year! There’s more to it as our very own webbed wonder Spider-Man is all set to join the PlayStation version at some point as well!

Meet The Voices Of The Much Anticipated Marvel Game!

Christopher Judge is the voice actor playing Black Panther/T’Challa in Marvel’s Avengers game Black Panther DLC. Judge is best known amongst his gaming fanatics for voicing Kratos in the hit God of War franchise. Other than Judge, Debra Wilson will be voicing Okoye, Erica Luttrell as the tech genius Shuri, Dave Fennoy as Zawavari, and Steve Blum as the villainous Ulysses Klaue. Believe it or not, but Cristopher Judge admitted that he initially turned down the offer! However, he came around and ended up doing it because his mother and children said was they would disown him if he did not take up the offer. The star had another reason to initially say no to the offer.

Who Is The Voice Behind T’Challa

Marvel Avengers Black Panther DLC

Christopher admitted that he was skeptical because he was fearful of being compared to what Chadwick had so wonderfully done. However, he gave his best while wrapping his head around it and was to not even attempt a voice match. The actor just let his performance stand on its own. The game has been receiving positive reception, and the voice-over actors have been applauded to be able to revive the magic. The story, however, is a known one, but innovative content has been added to it make it an interesting game.

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