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Martin Cooper Net Worth: How Rich is The ‘Father of Cell Phone’?

When Motorola developed and brought the cellular mobile phone into the market, it was first invented by Martin Cooper. Since then, Martin Cooper is referred to as the “Father of Cell Phone.” He is an American business executive, inventor, and entrepreneur. He invented and developed the first portable handheld cellular police radio system. Which was manufactured for the Chicago police department. So far he had managed to patent eleven inventions to his name. He is the co-founder and chairperson of the California-based Dyna LLC and is also the CEO of ArrayComm.

Motorola proved lucky for Martin Cooper. In 1954, he left his first job at Teletype Corporation, which was based in Chicago, to join Motorola. Where he served in the mobile equipment group as a senior development engineer. Later in the 1970s, he was promoted, and then he chaired Motorola’s communications systems division. There, he invented the first portable cellular phone in 1973. And then, after full planning and development, they brought it into the market after 10 years. After all this success which he kissed with his hard work, now the question is, what is Martin Cooper’s Net Worth?

Martin Cooper’s Net Worth and career

Martin Cooper had managed to gain a bulky net worth of $600 Million. It is quite worth looking at his contribution to science, technology, and mankind. This history-changer personality was born on 26 December 1928. His birthplace was Chicago, Illinois. He had completed his graduation in 1950 from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Then war broke out because of which, he signed up for U.S. Naval Reserves. After successfully serving in the Korean War, he managed to earn his Master’s degree from the same university.

After successfully developing and introducing the first portable cellular phone in 1973 to the market, he founded several related companies. Moreover, this famous personality then published many papers on his subject of study- “cellular communication.” His work helped him to gain the attention of the world. He started being called the pioneer of the wireless industry. Lately, he was also honored with numerous organizations for his worthy contribution to science and mankind. He is also seen as a priest who worships science and technology. Martin Cooper’s huge Net Worth comes from the high-class profession he holds. He is the greatest philanthropist, who has donated his own life for the better future of this world.

Cooper’s various business organizations which he co-founded include:-

  • Dyna LLC: Co-founded with his wife Arlene Harris in 1986
  • GreatCall, Inc: Co-founded in 1986
  • Arraycomm: Co-founded in 1992
  • He joined the board of directors from 2015 to 2019
martin cooper net worth

Picture of Martin Cooper from the social media platform

More about Martin Cooper

Martin Cooper is also known for making the first phone call. Which he did before the press conference to check if that’s working properly or not. On 3rd April 1973, in New York, Martin introduced the DynaTAC phone at a press conference. He did the first phone call to an engineer named Joel Engel, who was the head of Bell Labs, AT&T’s rival project. After making the call, Cooper revealed that he was calling from a real cellular telephone. As a rival, this probably had amazed and annoyed him.

One of the most notable awards which he achieved was the “Marconi Prize,” in 2013. Which he got for his considerable work in the field of communication and information science. Martin Cooper also gave a famous law known as “Cooper’s Law.” Which states, “The maximum number of voice conversations or equivalent data transactions that can be conducted in all of the useful radio spectrum over a given area doubles every 30 months”.

Earlier in July of  1993, Cooper’s Dyna-Tac managed to appear on the cover of Popular Science magazine. And the sudden popularity had helped them to win their goal of getting FCC permission for private companies to operate a wireless communications network over radio frequencies.

Martin Cooper was blessed with two children with his first wife. But in 1991 he had his second marriage. This time with Arlene Harris, who was a co-founder of Cellular Business Systems.

Cooper still finds it amazing to solve New York Times crossword puzzles. Which according to him, helps to keep his mind active!

martin cooper net worth

Martin Cooper posed with a series of cell phones which he invented

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