Spoilers & Recap: Martial Peak Chapter 1379

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Martial Peak
Martial Peak

Grandmaster Xia has officially become an Alchemist of the palace. Yang Kai and Xiang confront her and congratulate her. Yang Kai talked about the materials allocated to Xia by Lady Tribal Lord, and the master hopes to see the finished pill with the amount. He asks her if he can take it, and Xia decided to give it to him. Xia notice that Yang Kai always mingles with women and wonders if he relies on ladies. She thinks that it is shameful for a lady to rely on a woman. Let’s discover more about a martial artist, Yang Kai, in Martial Peak below.

Yang Kai comments that he needs more materials since the ones he had been a few. Let’s discover more about a martial artist, Yang Kai, in Martial Peak below. Xia told Yang Kai that there are enough materials for forty Origin Grade Pill inside, and then other Grandmasters in the palace only used so many materials per month. Xiang talks about Lady Tribal Lord. Yang Kai asks about the average probability of Grandmaster succeed in Alchemy.

Xia reveals that they grow in refining pills twice; Yang Kai realizes their success percentage is only twenty. Xiang thinks that it is not good to steal material from Red Moon Tribal Lord. Yang Kai believes that the girl didn’t like him and realizes that Red Moon Tribal Lord will earn a massive profit if they make thirty percent. Xiang replies that she doesn’t want people to suspect them. The maid that worked for Xian returns and comments that Lady Tribal Lord said she would supply the herbs if they ask.

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Martial Peak Chapter 1378 Highlights

Grandmaster Xia has completed her task and makes a ten percent higher profit than any other Grandmaster in the palace. The maid scolds Yang Kai that he is a shameless boy and must be nice to Master Xia. Yang Kai replies that they won’t be polite, and the maid left. He wonders why she has to scold him. Xiang is worried that the ladies will know how good Yang Kai is.

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Yang Kai told her not to worry since she is the only one who can take care of him. They realize that there is a storehouse and Yang Kai decided that he will drain out the Red Moon Tribal. Yang Kai notices that there is no one but the barrier of the storage room got activated. He came back in time and sat at his spot before he got caught. Kai wonders if someone is spying on him. At the entrance, two guys arrived, and the maid blocked them, asking them to explain.

Martial Peak
Martial Peak

Thunder Flame Flying Lizard

The guy asks if she doesn’t know them and why a mere servant like her has to stop the respect guys. One of the guys told the maid that the young lord has come here to request Grandmaster Xia, but they are not intruders. The maid told Xue Ling and the young lord that theLady Tribal said no one should enter and disturb since Grandmaster Xia is performing Alchemy. Xue Ling gets furious and told the maid not to use senior Chi Yue’s name to suppress the young lord.

Yang Kai heard the noise and headed out while catching the maid pushed away by Xue Ling. The maid kept her balance, and Yang Kai told her to enter the building, and she must not look outside. Xue Ling asks if this guy is a human that killed two Thunder Flame Flying Lizard and relied on women. Lady Tribal Lord has recognized Yang Kai after hearing about his overwhelming powers.

Yang Kai replies that he killed the Lizard, but they must not call him with other names, and if they want the request Alchemy, they can give him the herbs and leave since Xia won’t see anyone now. Xue Ling told Yang Kai to bring Xia, and Xue scolds Kai. Yang Kai gets furious when Xue King comments that he will tear her limbs. The two begin to fight, and Yang Kai landed a massive blow. The chapter ends with Yang Kai beating Xue Ling.

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Martial Peak Chapter 1379 Release Date

Martial Peak Chapter 1379 release date is 7 August 2021. The new chapters of Martial Peak release every day with a release of three to four chapters per day. New chapters and recent updates of  Martial Peak will be available every week. There are no official sites to read Martial Peak’s latest chapters.

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