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Spoilers & Recap: Martial Peak Chapter 1363

Martial Peak
Martial Peak

The story of a young warrior who traveled around the world helping the ones in need continues. Yang Kai continues with his journey as a martial arts. Earlier, Yang Kai met with a lady and her uncle struggling to defeat the beast, and he helped them defeat the beast. The trio decided to travel together since Kai wasn’t to reach the destination that the two know. Kai arrives at the Heaven Sect and learns about the Sect Master. Let’s see what awaits for Yang Kai at First Heavenly Palace on Martial Peak.

Three years have passed, and Yang Kai arrives at First Heavenly Palace. He gets hold of the Dragon Bone Sword, and he notices that it has a tremendous Aura and has become more robust. Yang Kai got surprised when he felt the presence of someone emerging and wonders who is approaching him. Yang Yan appears using Divine Sense Manifestation. Yang Kai asks her if she is Yang Yan, The Great Emperor, and she agrees. He notices that it will take years for Yang Yan to get her form completed.

Yang Kai wonders why she has sent her Divine Sense Manifestation since she sealed world Beads. Yang Yan asks him if he has the Bead, and he tosses it at her. She is impressed that Yang Kai was able to refine the Bead. Yang Kai also opened the hundred-kilometer radius space inside. Yang Yan wonders if she should give it to him. Yang Kai replies that he won’t minds if she is keeping it, but she can also lend it. Yang Yan decided to give it to him, and Yang Kai realizes it is an Emperor’s treasure.

Martial Peak Chapter 1362 Highlights

She told him that it now belongs to him and he must leave the Sealed World Bead. Yang Yan reveals that her friend gave it to her, and she never refined the Sealed World Bead. Yang Kai wonders who her friend is, and Yang Yan said she and her friend cultivated the Dao of Space and refined Artifact. Yang Yan explained how her friend uses the Sealed World Bead and told Yang Kai to uses it well, and he might discover something one day.

Yang Kai realizes that Yang Yan told him about something, and they might be mysteries behind the Sealed World Bead. Yang Yang reveals that her friend cultivates the Dao Space, and he has reached a profound height in his comprehension.  The two talked about Yang Yan’s friend, and she reveals that she hasn’t seen him for over ten thousand years ago. Yang Kai comments that he will leave this kingdom after a few days. The Divine Sense Yang Yan is glad that Yang Kai knows the former Yang Yang.

Martial Peak

Martial Peak

High Heaven Sect Departure Point

She has no problem with him holding the Bead since they share a common destiny. Yang Yan decides to let him nature the Bead. Yang Yan told him to have a smooth journey, and he must be careful of dangers in Star Field. Kai wonders about the year he has to wait to see her again. Later Yang Kai arrives at High Heaven Sect Departure Point and wonders why he has not met with City Lord Fei.

One of the oldies talked about Fei and that he survived death. But his old cultivation has fallen to the Second-Order Origin Returning Realm. King Kai notices that Sect Master is talking with the geezer. The two spoke about leaving Shadow Star and realize that it will take an 80% chance for the geezer to break through to the Origin Realm. They also talk about Madam, who is in deep slumber, and said the Queen will never enjoy her life since trouble always comes after her.

Yang Kai met with the Queen and told her that he would leave the Sect in the hands of the geezer. The Queen guarantees that the Sect will be okay since she will be around. Yang Kai reminds the Queen to kill Lu Ye if she meets with her, and she must not talk with him since he is evil. The Quee agrees, and Yang Kai head to the Sect Point. The lady responsible for his departure told him that they were waiting for him to arrive. Yang Kai told Su Yang to wait for him. Kai’s journey continues as he travels to another world.

Martial Peak Chapter 1363 Release Date

Martial Peak Chapter 1363 release date is 2 August 2021. The manga: Martial Peak releases its chapter daily and sometimes released two to four chapters per day. We will bring new updates and chapters of Martial Peak every week. For now, there is no official platform to read Martial Peak Chapters online; you can look at Boruto Episode Schedule For August 2021.

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