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Spoilers & Preview: Mars Red Episode 9

Mars Red
Mars Red

In the evening, Kurusu is walking in the middle of the town and realizes that he has two things that he has to follow. He realizes that he has to obey Special Forces Unit 16, and he receives blood and registrations. Suddenly he heard citizens shouting that the vampires are attacking. The vampires started to bite humans all over the town. The Special Forces Unit 16 arrived on time and started to kill the vampires. Kurusu introduced himself to the Special Forces Unit 16 and said he is Lieutenant Shutaro Kurusu of Special Force Unit 16.

The Special Forces Unit 16 passed him since he is not in the vampire crew. Kurusu tried to ask the guy where everyone else is. But they didn’t have time to talk with him since they have to deal with the vampire crew. Meanwhile, Santoro and his friends are hiding deep in the woods. They ask him if he will keep on running, and Santoro replies that he can’t run from where he was born and raised. The episode is titled Purgatory. Let’s take a look and the following updates below.

Previously on Mars Red Episode 8

Santoro comments that he is a natural-born Asakusa. The guys wonder what the world will become to with these vampire incidents. Kurusu visited the graveyard looking for his friends and wonders where they could be. But he started talking with a mysterious voice, and they spoke about Tenmanya. Santoro and his crew continue to hide while talking about the vampires, and one of them asks him if he has a military vaccine. Santoro asks the guy if something has happened, and that guy replied he is just taking precautions if the vampires appear and bite them.

Santoro thought that one of them was bitten by a vampire since that guy talked about the vaccine. He asks the other guys if they have vaccines, and the guys showed him the vaccines and said they had come here prepared for the worst. Kurusu got confronted by two guys who thank him for patrolling. They offered him food and left him alone. Kurusu cut his food in half and put some on top of the grave of his friend. Meanwhile, Aoi is offering bread to the homeless citizens, and her boss was also on the line.

Special Forces Unit 16

Mars Red

Mars Red

Aoi’s boss complimented her and told her that she is doing a great job. She reveals that she is out of work ever since the vampire incident took place. Aoi’s boss replies that he will fix everything tomorrow and they will continue to work again. Aoi thinks it won’t be easy for them since they might get attacked when they are at their workplace. Her boss replies that he has a hotel room and no one will write about this vampire incident if Aoi doesn’t write about it. Aoi gives the job to offer bread to homeless citizens to her manager.

She heads to the hotel room to start writing newspaper articles about the vampires. On her way, she saw a version of Kurusu who vanished, and she stopped wondering if she is dreaming. Meanwhile, Kurusu is walking at the nearby train station. He comments to himself that he is glad that Aoi is okay. In the abandoned city, the low-rank members of Special Forces Unit 16 think they should have been doing the guard duty instead of collapsing the abandoned buildings.

They also talked about the vaccines after realizing that the vampire crew might show up at any time. The other guy asks if he has come with the vaccines, and he replies that he has them. The low-ranked Special Forces Unit 16 leader showed other members his vaccine, but it got destroyed when a building block fell on top of it. Kurusu saves the guys before the building collapsed on top of them. After saving those guys, Kurusu reveals that he is Lieutenant Shutaro Kurusu of Special Force Unit 16.

Mars Red Episode 9 Release Date

The new Mars Red Episode 9 will release on Tuesday, 1 June 2021. You can watch Mars Red online on Funimation.

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