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Spoilers & Preview: Mars Red Episode 5

Mars Red
Mars Red

The vamp’s plan is still underway, with ideas coming from Yoshinobu and the scientist Takeuchi. The plan to end the killing of humans by a vampire clan. But they have already lost one of their precious soldier Moriyama. Nakajima told Yoshunobu to put an end to this since all humans with end up becoming vampires. Yoshinobu realizes that his new plan of turning the soldiers into vamps to protect humans is getting delayed. He decided to train the soldiers himself with the help of Takeuchi’s science.

In the evening, Yoshinobu gets involved in combat training with Kurusu. Yoshinobu realizes that Kurusu is not giving it all. He told him to show his true powers, or he will end up losing all of his friends. He also told him to avoid being a human and must unleash his new powers of a vampire. Kurusu agrees, and his eyes switch red and turn into vampire mode. He rushes at full speed by receiving a powerful blow and a sword slash that turns him back into his human form.

Previously on Mars Red Episode 4

Kurusu wonders why his vampire form got defeated with two blows so easily. Yoshinobu took his sword out of Kurusu’s heart, who falls to the ground. He reminds Kurusu that he is an immortal vampire, but he fails to defeat a normal human. Kuru’s wonder heart regenerates, and he gets up, but another soldier arrives and tells Yoshinobu that the body was found in Yoshiwara. The soldier also told Yoshinobu that it is a vamp, and Yoshinobi replies that he is on his way.

Yoshinobu told Kurusu that he should be the standby unit tonight. In the morning, Yoshinobu arrives at Yoshiwara. He finds that the vamp was a prostitute called Otama. One of the soldiers comments that they were called due to the discoloration of the body. Yoshinobu examined his body and told the soldiers that he would send Zero in tonight. Meanwhile, Aoi finds that her Yoshiwara poisoning article is gone. She wonders who deleted it, and she asks her boss about that.

Her boss told her that their readers are trend-chasing modern girls. They are not interested in a dead prostitute, and nothing is usual about it. Aoi comments there could be secret or forbidden love involved. The boss replies that the story got hushed up from the above. Aoi asks him what he is talking about and who is doing that. The boss reveals that he is talking about the military, and he doesn’t want to get thrashed. That’s why he keeps that story out, and it must not be published.

Mars Red

Mars Red

Vampire Unit Plan

The boss told Aoi to get back to work, and they will later meet at Imperial Hotel. He reveals that there will be a completion ceremony in September. A cosmetic dealer will be advertising a line of British perfume in the arcade. Aoi asks if she can charge the paper for roast beef at the Imperial Hotel. The boss told her to stop being an idiot since he knows that they might get in trouble if they mess up with powerful people. Nakajima had a meeting with his friend, who told him that he is the one who handled Yoshiwara’s story.

He reveals that he did that to help Nakajima and his friend said that the Vampire Unit Plan is the biggest money sink. He advises Nakajima to freeze it. Nakajima’s friend comments that he is planning to reduce the whole military by 10000 men. Nakajima asks him if he is abandoning the plan to fold them into the secret service.

His friend told him that this is his last year, and if he doesn’t produce notable results, Special Forces Unit 16 will be disbanded. In the evening, Yoshinobu and his crew head to Yoshiwara to investigate the vamps. They find that the villagers are celebrating a festival, and Suwas decided to dress up like them. Yoshinobu told them that he would have to go in and find the vamp. Later the vamps slip from their hands, and Yoshinobu scolds his crew for slacking. But Suwa finds a girl who a vampire bit.

Mars Red Episode 5 Release Date

The latest Mars Red Episode 5 will be released on Tuesday, 4 April 2021. Mars Red will be available on its official platforms around the world. You can watch Mars Red online, Funimation and AnimeLab.

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