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Spoilers & Preview: Mars Red Episode 10

Mars Red

Unit 16 continues with the operation: Assassinating Vampires. Only three episodes left to conclude Mars Red. Let’s find out if Colonel Maeda Yoshinobu’s plan will work below. Aio’s boss and other citizens watch Special Forces Unit 16 destroying the old buildings. Kurusu realizes that everyone is disappearing and wonders when will this Vampire incident ends. Later, Kurusu arrived home and met with Sono and Yoh, waiting for him at the entrance. He asks the two if they are happy.

Sono replies that they pretend to be happy and ask why they are not allowed to go out. Kurusu realizes that he can not tell the kids about the Vampire incidents and that if they go out, the Vampire might suck their blood. He said to them that they are safe staying here with Mr. Tenmanya. Yoh replies that he is sick of playing inside the house since he keeps on seeing the same things. Sono surprised Kurusu by asking if he has found ”THEM” and if he is not one of ”THEM.” Kurusu kept quiet for a moment.

Previously on Mars Red Episode 9

Yoh asks Kurusu if he is not playing hide and seek. Kurusu thinks that the two are not aware and comments that he has not found them; he is playing hide and seeks. Sono asks if Kurusu has discovered something about Ayame, and Yoh comments that Ayame knows everything. Kurusu had a flashback when he met with Ayame talking about Vampires. Ayame hesitates to reveal what she knows about the Vampires, and Kurusu asks her why she doesn’t want to tell him anything.

Ayame reveals that there is a rumor about someone who is killing Child Vampires. The killer wears a weird mask and attacks with weapons like knives. Ayame comments that those rumors are what made her move from the place where she stays. Kurusu realizes that he knows that guy who wears a mask.

He is worried Sano and Yoh might get bitten by the Vampires and the masked guy will be after their lives. Ayame comments the day she met Sono and Yoh; she was scared that the masked man will be after her. Kurusu asks Ayame where she stayed during the Vampire incidents, and she replies that near Tsukishima Island. The villagers continue to remain hidden in the mountains with fear that the Vampires might attack them.

Infamous Red Specs

Mars Red

Mars Red

A famous lady talked with head cleck about the man from Code Zero. Head cleck replies that the man left an hour ago and he can contact her if she needs to see him. The lady replies that she will be fine and it not urgent to met that man.  Ayame arrives with Sano and Yoh, revealing that Kurusu went to Tsukishima. Sano comments that Kurusu went there to play hide and seek. The famous lady replies that she wishes they find Kurusu since this is a difficult time.

Meanwhile, the Vampires are roaming at the steering looking for blood to drink. Ai’s boss saw everything from the top of the building. He thought that he wouldn’t be able to leave the town. The Special Forces Unit 16 arrive, realizing that the Vampires might turn humans into one of them. Aoi’s boss comments that those are infamous red specs. The Vampires’ head stood on top of an electric pole, thinking that the Vampire team he sent to attack would not disappoint him.

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He comments that Danny will be a good boy for him tonight.  Meanwhile, Kurusu arrives at a place that he suspects to be Code Zero’s base. But he is surprised why the Vampire Units are not here. Kurusu heads inside the secret base underground. He finds that Yoshinobu is not there, and everything got destroyed. Later he met with Sawa, and Sawa confesses that he is killing Vampire Children. They met with a lady who has gathered Vampires to treat them and control them.

Mars Red Episode 10 Release Date

The new Mars Red Episode 10 will release on Tuesday, 8 June 2021. You can watch Mars Red online on Funimation.

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