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‘Married At First Sight’ Famed Couple: Bao and Johnny Are Still Together?

Are Bao and Johnny still together? As the season final is approaching, this question is enveloping the air. Will they be able to make it up to the final season or not? The famous couple of ‘Married At First Sight’, Bao and Johnny, have raised the parameters of the show in every aspect. Whether we talk about the grounds of audience it holds or the background of the participants. They were the first Asian-American couple in the entire franchise’s history. Their interactive communications were the key reason for holding such a large fan base. Fans love the way they both understand and interact with each other. But are Bao and Johnny still together?

The show which gave them the limelight is traveling on the success path. Its potentially interesting layout had sailed through the competitions and has set a huge audience base. As the name suggests, ‘Married At First Sight’, relationship experts use their experience and luck over a bunch of singles. They pair up the singles who met for the first time. And then they are made to marry each other. But then before allowing them to settle, they are sent on a beautiful and luxurious honeymoon. And their fate plays its game!

The fate which brought them together

The administration of ‘Married At First Sight’ is very strict on their rules. They ensure that no couple has ever met before. For which they go through various processes. And also carries out strict surveys. And because of all this, the fans of this show were left in amazement when they got to know that Bao and Johnny were already knowing each other. Well, we can call it their fate or something else, but if the two people are destined to be together then no external or internal force can separate them. Let’s see what’s their destination!

The couple has revealed their secret just after their beautiful wedding ceremony. Bao Huong Hoang and Johnny Lam divulged that both of these Vietnamese was the president of their colleges’ respective Vietnamese Student Associations. And they have met much before the ‘MAFS’ in one of their president meetings. In her words, “Johnny was University of Texas Vietnamese Student Association President. I was the University of Houston’s Vietnamese Student Association President. And we did events together.”  Interestingly, they both have already exchanged their phone numbers. She says that her present husband has ghosted her in their college days!

are bao and johnny still together

Picture of Bao and Johnny from their marriage celebration

Their journey in the show ‘Married At First Sight’

Bao Huong Hoang and Johnny Lam have starred in season 13 of Married At First Sight. Which had its premiere on July 21, 2021. This season has its focus on the couples living in Houston, Texas. When it was asked to Johnny that how did he heard about “Married at First Sight”? His reply would amaze you! He said that he never knew about this show until someone from the team had approached him on Instagram. He was asked to answer three questions. First, was he single? Second, does he want to get married? And finally, is he ok being filmed? To which he responded positively with ‘yes’ as the answer to every question.

35 years old Johnny is an IT project manager. Bao is also 35 years old working as a research administrative director. In one of the interviews Johnny admitted that “If dating apps was like a sport, I’d be like a pro bowler. I’d be a veteran of seven, eight years. I was around when dating apps first started.” When Bao was asked about the dating apps, she revealed that she was attracted to Johnny and have come across his profile on few dating apps. But she has never swiped left and had always kept him in the lists of ‘maybes’.

Their intense relation has held a large list of viewers. The different and interesting wedding ceremony was one of the other reasons for catching the audience’s attraction from the very start. Their journey in the show was seen as smooth until clashes have paved their way in between their relation.

are bao and johnny still together

A still from the daylight date arranged by Johnny in which he confessed his feelings for Bao

Are Bao and Johnny still together?

This is the question, which every fan of ‘Married At First Sight’ is asking right now! The hope of some of the fans is already shattered, as they are presuming that Bao and Johnny won’t be able to make it up to the final season. And the recent clashes between the couple is the reason for this. The way Johnny stated- “The kisses feel very platonic,” has risen the tension! He said that he feels no difference while kissing Bao or his sister. But he has also said earlier that he wants to get married only once! At present, both Bao and Johnny have kept their relationship status private. And under the strict guidance of ‘MAFS’, things can not be brought to the public before the air of the show. Though things are getting tough between the couple, we wish them good fortune for their married life.

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