Mark Lee’s Net Worth: How Rich Is The NCT Member?

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Mark Lee’s Net Worth: How Rich Is the NCT Member?
Mark Lee's Net Worth

Being one of the popular faces of the music industry, Mark Lee’s net worth has always been something everyone is always curious about. All his fans out there always keep track of his every activity, and they have supported the artist greatly in all his ups and downs. It is no surprise that he is one of the most lovable K-Pop figures not only domestically but also globally.

He is known to be one of the unique talents in the arena of music, and his versatility in the same speaks a lot. Mark has served as a co-writer for the majority of tracks for the music bands he is a part of. All of them have been some of the biggest hits, and that tells us a lot about the artist as a musical talent. With his continuous hard work and undeniable passion for music, Mark has cemented his name in the history of the global music industry.

What Is Mark Lee’s Net Worth?

Mark Lee is one of the brightest names in the K-Pop industry, and hence his net worth too is one of the brightest ones. Mark Lee’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Indeed, the artist is one of the hard-working ones in the industry and is known for his extreme passion for music and everything related to the same. It is not a surprise to see his overall net worth multiplying over the years.

His multitalented brain has earned him most of his fortune from his music career. Since the early stages of his career, he has been active as a songwriter and producer. He has co-written NCT’s debut song, “The 7th Sense,” which was released in the year 2016. He has also participated in developing debut tracks for NCT 127 and NCT Dream as a co-writer.

Mark Lee’s Net Worth: How Rich Is the NCT Member?
Mark Lee

In the same year, Mark also gained credits as a co-writer for NCT 127’s “Mad City” and “My First and Last” of NCT Dream. In the year 2017, he co-wrote “Baby Don’t Like It,” “Angle,” “Cherry Bomb,” “Running 2 U,” “0 Mile,” “Whiplash,” and “Summer 127” for the group’s sub-unit NCT 127. On the other hand, he also has writing credits as a co-writer for NCT Dream’s tracks like “Walk You Home,” “La La Love,” “My Page,” “Trigger the Fever,” and “Joy”.

Moreover, his collaboration with EXO’s Xiumin for the track “Young & Free” also gained him co-writer credits. His next collaboration with Jay Park for “Lemonade Love” was also one of his co-written tracks. In the year 2018, Mark claimed co-writing credits for NCT U’s tracks like “Yestoday,” “Black On Black,” and “BOSS”. “Go,” “We Go Up,” “Beautiful Time,” “Drippin,” “Dear Dream,” and “Candle Lights” were also created with him acting as a co-writer for NCT Dream.

In the year 2019, Mark contributed again as a co-writer for WayV’s version of “Regular” and “Come Back”. “Lips” and “Jet Lag” were also his products as a co-writer for NCT 127.

Mark Lee’s Net Worth: How Rich Is the NCT Member?
Mark Lee

Next year, i.e., in 2020, Mark co-wrote tracks for NCT 127, which included “Pandora’s Box,” “Mad Dog,” and “Love Song”. His solo tracks, “QTAH” and “Bad Smell,” were also released the same year.

In the year 2021, Mark co-wrote “Rainbow” for NCT Dream and “Sticker” for NCT 127. The latter became the bestseller album in the history of SM Entertainment. Apart from his group activities, Mark has also been part of many television shows like “Show! Music Core” and “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets”.

All of these activities have given the artist a particular pedestal on which he stands today. His hard work can be seen in all of them, and it is not a surprise that he has a fortune worth millions.

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More About Mark Lee’s Career & Achievements

Recognized as a member of the South Korean boy band NCT and its sub-units NCT 127 and NCT Dream, Mark Lee is one of the globally known faces of the K-Pop industry. He is also a member of SM Entertainment’s project “SuperM”.

He has been one of the lifelines of NCT and all its sub-units. The fact that he has been part of most of their tracks is no less than fantastic. He has been co-writer for most of the group and its sub-unit music tracks, and the majority of them have brought in success at a completely different level.

Recently he has released his first single titled “Child,” an emotional hip-hop track that was announced as a part of the special season of the SM Station project “NCT Lab”.

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