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Mare Of Easttown Episode 5: Release Date & Spoilers

What To Expect From Mare Of Easttown Episode 5?
A Still From Mare Of Easttown Episode 4 Featuring Mare, Credits: HBO

We are getting in closer to the killer in the coming Mare Of Easttown Episode 5. Recently the fourth episode gave us big reveals and connections with developing relationships. Now the case is just gonna lead further but those relationships either making out or breaking up. Another young girl is kidnapped. So Mare hopped back in case ignoring the suspension. She and Zabel finally have a connection between Erin’s murder and the disappearance of Katie and Missy now. All three come from the same site as Side Door, it’s just a matter of a moment since we are closer to the killer.

Apart from the case, Mare is developing her relationship with Richard. But at the same time, someone else has also asked her out. So what would be this relationship like will be something to look out for? Also, Mare Of Easttown has finally shed some hope despite the scary dark times going on. We had a big revelation in the form of Katie and Missy’s status which could be seen in coming episodes. What does this mean for the case? Plus Deacon the mysterious priest with a history of sexual misconduct is also focused to be a prime suspect. Let’s take a look at what happened previously on the show and what we can expect from the upcoming Mare Of Easttown Episode 5.

Recap For Mare Of Easttown

Previously on Mare Of Easttown, we opened up to Mare living her life with suspension. She confesses it to Lori but still doesn’t know how the rest of the family would react. While the whole town finds out, Zabel finds it out the next day at the precinct meeting Mare’s replacement as well. It also revealed the paternity test proved that DJ is neither Dylan’s son nor Frank’s. Similarly Dylan kind of starts hating the baby. Furthermore, an anonymous caller calls Dawn stating Katie being alive and kidnapped and asking for five thousand dollars for her.

What Went Down In The Fourth Episode Of MAre Of Easttown?

A Still From Mare Of Easttown Episode 4 Featuring Zabel and Mare, Credits: HBO

Mare manages to reveal the reason for the suspension of the family to a big meltdown and moves on to therapy and her date with Richard. Also haunted by a bad memory of Kevin and Carrie asking for money. Meanwhile, Zabel tries to get some answers from priest Deacon. Also, Carrie gets to spend time with Drew. Well, it doesn’t last long with Drew wanting to go back home.

The kidnapper hunting another victim down in the form of Missy Sager leads Mare to return to the case on her own. She knocks on Zabel’s door and both start working. Erin’s friend Jess helps them to figure out a strong connection between Erin, Katie, and Missy. That is turning to prostitution on the Side Door website. Only so that Erin could make money for treating her son’s ear. But Jess also mentioned she never went to meet anyone from the site. Furthermore, Jess also helps in finding out Erin’s journal.

Missy and Katie Are Alive In Mare of Easttown

A Still From Mare Of Easttown Episode 4 Featuring Missy, Credits: HBO

A relationship is on the brink to develop as Zabel asks Mare out. Deacon clears the air with Father Hastings while Siobhan makes out with Anne, the cute DJ with her ex Becca coming home. She finds out about Siobhan and Anne and runs away leaving Helen injured. The closing moments see Dawn finding out the caller to be Freddie only looking for some money. The fact which she hides away from Becca. Also, a big revelation comes when we see the kidnapper trapping Missy inside a soundproof room. Plus Missy also meets Katie alive in full flesh there.

Mare Of Easttown Episode 5 Release Date And Preview Breakdown

Mare Of Easttown Episode 5 is releasing on May 16, 2021, and will air on HBO at 10 p.m. ET. Two more episodes will be coming following the fifth to wrap up the series. You can watch Mare of Easttown Episode 5 on HBO’s official website as well as HBO Max. Once the episode is finished airing. The episodes can also be watched through the NOW streaming service. Check out the promo for Mare of Easttown Episode 5 below.

Mare of Easttown Episode 5 is titled, “Illusions”. The official synopsis of the episode talks about Mare opening up to the therapist about the history of her family regarding mental health. Furthermore, coming to the murders and kidnappings, the promo teases Mare approaching a semi-retired officer. Someone who could provide a little more insight on the case.

The promo also teases building and breaking relationships. While Mare connects with Richard, the same way the date with Zabel is falling down. Also with her daughter which we can see in the promo. Jess is there to provide some help but is also seen harassed. The Priest Deacon is facing all the hate he can once his relationship with Erin is out in the air. Also, a slight clue regarding the Kidnapper in the form of the cigarette he smokes might have led Mare and Zabel closer to him.

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