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Mare Of Easttown Episode 4: Release Date & Spoilers

A Look At The Upcoming Mare Of Easttown Episode 4
A Still From Mare Of Easttown Episode 3 Featuring Mare, Credits: HBO

Mare Of Easttown has developed quite into an HBO crime drama which the network is known for. There are several developments in the focused plot or the main case of the story. The murder of Erin McMenamin obviously. So recently, there are a few things the show took note of. We don’t know if Dylan is the real father of DJ. Plus Frank is suspected of having an affair with Erin. So he basically lied, and now both Frank and Dylan have to take a paternity test. Furthermore, the police finally found the crime scene where murder could have taken place. Most importantly, the deal with Priest Deacon Mark Burton, who used to talk to Erin. It was revealed he has her bike and has something to do with the murder as well.

The end of the previous episode saw Mare being suspended after Carrie accused her of planting drugs on her. Now this calls for a pause on the investigation as well as the chance of catching the culprit. So Colin is all on his own if he wants to continue, and how soon can we expect Mare to return back to the case is a question unanswered. Let’s take a look at everything that happened previously in the show so far piece by piece and what we can expect from the upcoming fourth episode of Mare of Easttown.

Recap For Mare Of Easttown

Previously on Mare Of Easttown, we opened up to the autopsy of Erin. Kenny’s friends go looking for him to find him lying in the woods after attempting to kill Dylan. Kenny approached Mare to confess Dylan’s murder but he gets the unexpected news that he is alive. He made it in time to the hospital, and he may walk again. On the other hand, we see Siobhan working on a documentary about her brother. Plus a revelation leads to a meltdown between Mare and her mother about the custody of Drew until Lori interrupted with strong information.

DJ’s Real Father

Lori reveals to Mare that Frank might be DJ’s real father and not Dylan. So, Mare decides to confront Frank herself. So Frank did lie about having a connection with Erin. He does reveal a few things but denies having sex with Erin. Mare furthermore asks Frank to take a paternity test. Mare also takes the same information to Dylan’s parents while Frank catches up on everything with Colin for submitting a DNA sample. Erin’s phone records take Mare and Colin to the priest, Deacon Mark Burton. They interrogated him and his relationship with Erin. Plus also took his cell phone in the end.

The Crime Scene is Found In Mare Of Easttown Episode 3

A Still From Mare Of Easttown Featuring Mare and Collin

Apart from the main plot, Mare also goes on a date with a writer named Richard while Siobhan gets asked out by the college’s radio DJ. Furthermore, the crime scene is found in the woods with the cut finger of Erin recovered. Erin asks Colin to make some calls and bring in the dogs to thoroughly check the area. Eventually, a deeper search leads to finding the gunshot on the wood.

The Ending Moments and The Mysterious Deacon

Dylan gets consciousness, and he is revealed the news of him not being the father of DJ. An anonymous caller tipped off Colin on Deacon’s transfer. This leads them back to the circle but with no one answering on the phone as Deacon looks on from the window. Mare is called up at Carroll’s again. Mare tries to talk to Carrie only to know how much Kevin hated her.

Priest Deacon Is A Prime Suspect To Look Out For In Mare OF Easttown Episode 4

A Still From Mare Of Easttown Episode 3 Featuring Father Deacon

The episode ends with Siobhan going on that date. Mare bumping into Colin at the bar. Finally, we see Deacon dropping the bike Erin into a river. Also, the chief confronting Mare in the morning about Carrie accusing her of planting drugs on her. Even putting her on administrative leave in the end after all the mess she is in.

Mare Of Easttown Episode 4 Release Date

Mare Of Easttown Episode 4 is releasing on May 9, 2021, and will air on HBO  at 10 p.m. ET. The limited series has a total of seven episodes scheduled, with a new episode coming every Sunday. You can watch Mare of Easttown on HBO’s official website as well as HBO Max. You can also watch the episode through the NOW streaming service. Check out the promo for Mare of Easttown Episode 4 below.

Mare Of Easttown Episode 4 is titled “Poor Sisyphus”. According to the official synopsis of the episode and events of the last episode, we will see Mare taking and working on herself. As seen in the promo, some therapy for sure. Furthermore, Colin carries on the case on his own. He tries to questions the priest Deacon about his transfer. Plus, Hope finds hope in Katie when an anonymous caller approaches her. Apart from that, even Father Hastings confronts Deacon about his involvement in the case. All in Mare of Easttown Episode 4.

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