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Mare of Easttown Episode 4 Ending Explained – Erin’s Connection, Anonymous Caller And Katie Bailey

What Went Down in Mare Of Easttown Episode 4?
A Still From Mare Of Easttown Episode 4 Featuring Mare and Zabel, Credits: HBO

Mare of Easttown, as said before, is slowly picking up the detective tales HBO is known for. As it slowly paves the way to the final few episodes, many revelations and developments are made. The same happened with the fourth episode this week. Restless Mare couldn’t keep up and decided to continue the investigation on her own. Although we are still not aware of the murderer, we saw him taking a shot at another girl. Now it’s three young girls in the row. Furthermore, it almost even seemed like he approached Dawn for a deal to turn Katie in. Also, let’s not forget Zabel’s confrontation with the Priest Deacon. It seems like there is a lot more to this priest when it comes to Erin.

The fourth episode of Mare Of Easttown titled Poor Sisyphus also revealed a few more things about the murdered girls. They are connected with each other, and it started to come into a circle why the killer might have chosen them. Furthermore, we also found out about neither Dylan nor Frank being the father of DJ. Also, there is drama in Mare’s personal life too when she tried to plant drugs on Carrie. Furthermore, what was that creep ending about? So Katie is alive? Let’s sum up some of the questions answered in Mare Of Easttown Episode 4, “Poor Sisyphus.”

Erin’s Connection With Katie And Missy

Okay, the fourth episode of Mare Of Easttown saw another young girl becoming victim to the murderer or kidnapper. The victim’s name is Missy Sager. Now three victims, in turn, made Mare get out of the backseat. Abandon the suspension and put her back on the case on her own. She knocked on Zabel’s door to find out more about the case. Especially the newest victim Missy. Zabel breaks down the details on Missy from graduating to top of the class and then turning towards drug abuse much like Katie. Plus, her account on Sidedoor.

Erin's Connection WIth Other Victims Revealed In Mare Of Easttown Episode 4

A Still From Mare Of Easttown Episode 4 Featuring Zabel, Jess, Her Mother, and Mare, Credits: HBO

Now, taking a look at all three victims, it may first seem like Erin might have nothing to do with the same. Katie and Missy probably because of the same background but not Erin. But Mare went on to point out that Erin needed money for her son’s ear surgery. Dylan and her father both opted not to give her any of it. She stated teenage girls could be sneaky. So she could have gone to some point to earn money for it: one way or another.

The theory led Mare and Zabel to Erin’s best friend, Jess. She finally disclosed the secret to help find the murderer. Erin did actually have a Side Door account going by an alternate name that Jess created. But she also claimed Erin never went to meet anyone of the responders.

The Anonymous Caller Of Dawn

Throughout the episode, Dawn received anonymous calls, which could have been the murderer stating Katie is alive. He, in turn, asked for five thousand dollars to turn Katie in. Although he provides any adequate proof of Katie being alive, he did give in some details. This made Dawn think this could work out and arranged a deal with him. She went to meet him and was met with an attack. But instead, she managed to trick the blackmailer by giving him Missing Katie flyers instead. This, in turn, revealed Freddie to be a blackmailer who was just looking for some money. Anyway, Dawn returned home bruise and decided to hide the fact away from Beth.

The Ending Explained

So, as we mentioned above, the murderer caught another victim in his traps in the form of Missy. During the closing moments of the episode, we saw him taking her to the soundproofed backroom. A place called Bennie’s Tavern. As the woman finds herself trapped. We also realize she is not alone, but someone else is there. The other girl trapped there is revealed to be Katie alive in whole flesh. Finally, some hope is found. Especially after the disappointment Dawn faced earlier in the episode.

Is Katie Alive In Mare Of Easttown Episode 4?

A Still From Mare Of Easttown Episode 4 Featuring Katie, Credits: HBO

The murderer or kidnapper is still yet to be revealed. Of course, ruling out Freddie, who is just looking for money. Coming to priest Deacon, the man has been teased quite in a few episodes. In the previous, we also saw him inheriting Erin’s bike. Plus, Mare and Zabel acknowledging his previous transfer on the basis of sexual misconduct. For now, Deacon has denied saying a word, and he even answered Hastings stating he has told everything. So the question still remains unanswered until the show answers in coming episodes. For now, we are glad the two of the girls, Katie and now Missy, are alive.

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