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Mare Of Easttown Ending Explained: Who Exactly Was The Killer After All?

Ending Explained For Mare Of Easttown
From Mare Of Easttown Episode 7 Featuring Mare and Lori

Mare Of Easttown has finally come to a conclusion figuring out the murder of a teenage girl in a small town. A simple story executed for years but Mare Of Easttown brought quite a flavor to this murder mystery. Thus making it more interesting with its small-town characteristics. We had what it goes down in a small town, different characters and their pasts coming altogether around this murder. So from day one, we saw a number of suspects come and go and having connections. But never even thought for a second the murder could be someone very less active in the entire season run. Yes, it was shocking but understandable at the same time.

The finale of Mare Of Easttown almost gave us the murderer in the beginning with John confessing. But was it all for the show right there in the first ten minutes? As a viewer everyone might have come to the fact there is something wrong with John’s story. Moving on, we had some lighthearted moments just following John’s arrest. There were reconciliations, broken and forming friendships, goodbyes, and a beautiful wedding. But as things started to go back to normal, Mr. Caroll’s call hit Mare where she came to a conclusion that the real killer is still out there. Who is it? and what went down? Let’s find out.

Mare Of Easttown Finale: What Went Down?

John’s Confession

The finale of Mare of Easttown opened up with John confronting Billy with a gun before pulling on himself. Luckily, Mare made it in time to save them both. At the station, Jess comes up with a photograph that turns the case upside down. The photograph sees Erin taking a selfie with a shirtless John. Upon bringing him to the station, John explains the whole situation on how he connected with Erin one night and went to sleep with her. He is DJ’s father and furthermore, he went on to tell that Erin came to him for help with DJ’s father’s surgery. He confessed to having a fight leading him to kill her.

John Confesses For Murder Of Erin In Finale Of Mare Of Easttown

From Mare Of Easttown Episode 7 Featuring Mare, Chief, and John

The confession officially books John for the jail now but there is a lot more. Deacon is informed about John’s confession and now that he can live where he wants. John requests his wife Lori to raise DJ as hers own. There is animosity between Mare and Lori now. Things start looking forward in the town. Mare returns home to reconnect with her family. Plus the next day, Carrie takes back the case for Drew’s custody as well. Later on, Mare has good family lunch as they see Sandra Elliot at the hotel too. She is the one John was having affair with. Frank gives a story about how John acted the night he killed Erin and they didn’t know. Following that, Mare’s Mom asks for forgiveness from Mare as they reconcile.

Another Mystery In Erin’s Murder

A New Mystery Around Gun Steps In Finale Of Mare Of Easttown

From Mare Of Easttown Episode 7 Featuring Mare and Mr. Caroll

Mare confronts Sandra in the bathroom where she confesses of not having affair with John. Moving on we witness Frank and Faye’s beautiful wedding as well Mare bidding adieu to Richard. The next day much like all the time, Mare gets a call from Mr. Caroll. He is still coping up being a widower now as Mare comes. The reason he called is because of the things that went missing at the house. One of those things included a gun which is exactly the same model as the one from which Erin was shot.  The thing is the gun was in a shed, apart from Mr. Caroll, only John’s son Ryan had an access to it. Thus leading Mare to Ryan.

Mare Of Easttown Ending Explained

Signs Hinting at Someone else is the Killer

Ryan Becomes A Suspect For Erin's Murder In Mare Of Easttown Finale

From Mare Of Easttown Episode 7 Featuring Mare, Lori, and Ryan

So what went down here? Isn’t John the killer after all? What’s Ryan’s role here? So, Mare already had doubts about John’s story initially in the episode. Let it be when he confessed or let it be rewatching the same tapes again. Next even when Frank spoke of him being very happy and alive when he picked them up during the night Erin died. Now that’s something to take note of. But this all seemed okay until Mr. Caroll’s missing gun incident mentioned above came up. Thus turning the whole story around towards Ryan. The question is if John tried to protect his kid?

So, acknowledging the fact it’s the same gun with whom Erin died. Mare set out to meet Ryan at his school. Once Ryan saw her, the fear in his eyes was clear. This led him to run home to tell his mother. Mare followed in to take the 13-year-old kid and his mother, Lori, in for interrogation. Thus leading Ryan to confess.

Ryan’s Confession

Ryan admitted to knowing his father’s affair with Erin. He also had confronted him about that and asked him to end it. But the night at Frank’s house, Ryan saw his dad talking to someone again and soon found out it was Erin again. So, Ryan revealed the family had been through something like this before. The affair with Sandra led Lori and John to split before coming back again. Ryan didn’t want it to happen again. So when he checked his father’s phone, he saw Erin asking his father to meet. So he texted her posing as his father and agreed to the meeting location.

Ryan Is The Killer In Mare Of Easttown Finale

From Mare Of Easttown Episode 7 Featuring Mare, Chief, Lori, and Ryan

Ryan went to Mr. Caroll’s house to retrieve a gun. He knew about the gun because he used to mow their lawn in summers. He went to the park they agreed and saw an injured Erin coming out of Deacon’s car. Ryan only wanted to scare Erin by showing off the gun and by threatening to kill her. This led to a scuffle between them leading Ryan to shoot and Erin to die. So basically Ryan is the killer after all. He later moved the body and brought the gun to where it was stolen for. So that no one could find out. He later told his father, so John and Billy took care of it and later revealed it to Lori too. Lori admitted wanting to protect her son as Ryan was sorry for the incident.

The Aftermath

The Ending Of Mare Of Easttown

From Mare Of Easttown Episode 7 Featuring Mare, Helen, Frank, and Drew

With the confession, Ryan is sent to the Juvenile center for further introspection. Lori grieves over losing her whole family because of her friend Mare. She just couldn’t let go of the case with John in which irks her. Thus leaving her to ask Mare to get out of her. Mare in her therapy admits to using the cases to get over losing Kevin. On the other hand, Ryan at detention takes up writing as a hobby. Siobhan bids her family away as she leaves for Berkley. Father Mark Deacon is out of jail and back to his work again. The final moments see Mare go back to Lori’s house as the two friends talk over with Lori falling and breaking down in Mare’s arms. The episode ends with Mare waking up to another day in Easttown.

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