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Marco Polo Season 2 Ending Explained: What Happened In The End?

Marco Polo Season 2
Marco Polo Season 2

What is the ending of Marco Polo 2? Marco Polo is one of the most loving drama series of the American industry. The series has only two seasons. It is one of the best drama series. The whole world has appreciated this movie. From every corner of the world, people are crazy about this series. This is the only series of America that is totally based on action fiction. Marco Polo is the highest budget film in America. Though it has not earned much. Marco Polo is a drama series of 2014. It was officially launched in 2014. The series part 2 launched in 2015. But its third season has not come. And it is confirmed that it will not come also.

Marco Polo is an action fiction drama series. It was released on the 12th of December 2014. It has a total of 2 seasons and 21 episodes. All the episodes were so appreciated. The series’s budget was so high. Maro Polo’s budget was $200 million. Yes, its budget was two hundred million US dollars. But its income was not so good. It was not even half of the budget. So, the creators canceled its third part. People are curious to know if there is no season 3, then what is the ending of Marco Polo season 2. So, in this article, we will explain the ending of Marco Polo. We will also discuss the cast and crew of Marco Polo.

Ending of Marco Polo

People out there are dying to know the ending of Marco Polo season 2. In the last, Marco, Jingim, and Byamba have stayed true to the Khan. Marco Polo season 2’s finale was “The Fellowship”. At the end of the series, Kublai Khan will lose everything, including his powers. Because a new enemy has entered the realm of the Mongol Empire. Many leaders were trying to make decisions for the livelihood of their families. While some were focusing to make the right decision. Kublai told his wife that she should not have to worry about her stomach. Empress Chabi had forced a worker to rape Princess Kokachin. While in the end, Kublai and his wife made peace.

The Empress’s plans for securing family were not working. Some women were killing themselves because of poor sanity. There was also a false princess’ joy by the portrayal of Zhu Zhu. The second season’s theme was family. In episode 5, Ahmed’s past comes out. Ahmed is the bastard son of Kublai. Ahmed’s mother has died at the hands of the Khan’s men. But her mother was alive and was working as a mistress. But unknowingly, Ahmed had sex with her. This was so embarrassing for him after knowing the truth. In the end, all were true with Khan. Marco let his father live after the battle against the crusaders. It was quite hard for him. And Empress Chabi has also permitted him to return to Italy.

Marco Polo season 2 ending.

Lorenzo Richelmy as Marco Polo.

Marco Polo Cast

Marco Polo has a huge cast and crew. Let’s start with the cast of Marco Polo. The first is Benedict Wrong. Benedict Wong has portrayed the character of Kublai Khan. Lorenzo Richelmy has played the character of Marco Polo. Lorenzo is a great Italian actor. He is best known for Marco Polo. Next, we have Zhu Zhu. Zhu Zhu has played the character of Kokachin. Zhu Zhu is a well-known Chinese actor and dinger. Next is Claudia Kim. Claudia has portrayed the character of Khutulun. Joan Chen has played the character of Empress Chabi. Then we also have Remy Hii. Remy Hii has portrayed the character of Prince Jingoism. Next is Mei Lin. Olivia Cheng has played the character of Mei Lin.

Then we also have Uli Latukefu, Tom Wu, Mahesh Jadu, and Rick Yune. Uli Latukefu has portrayed the character of Byamba. Tom Wu has played the character of Hundred Eyes. Mahesh Jadu has portrayed the character of Ahmad Fanakati. Rick Yune has played the role of Kaidu Khan. Michelle Yeoh has portrayed the character of Lotus. China Han has played the character of Jia Sidao. There are many more characters in the movie. The movie is available on Netflix.

Marco Polo season 2 ending.

The cast of Marco Polo.

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