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Marco Island Accident: Roads Are Getting Deadly!

The Marco Island in Florida witnessed a heartbreaking accident last month. Acting as the barrier, it lies in the Gulf of Mexico off Southwest Florida. The mini island is connected to the mainland by bridges south of the city of Naples. Popular for being a tourist location, Marco Island is home to so many resort hotels, beaches, marinas, and golf courses. It was going alright, with the vaccination drive going on and people trying to get hold of the new normal when the news about the accident came up. The accident has gotten global attention because of the careless driving scene.

A 29-year-old man was a truck driver. Driving his pickup truck, he was on the toad when the heavy vehicle slipped. The truck lost its balance and went off the road, slamming into a concrete pole. Sliding through the surface, the truck entered the south grass shoulder and went on to flip completely. As the man driving the bus was not wearing a seat belt, he flew straight through the front when the truck flipped and crashed on the road. Calling 911 as soon as possible, he was rushed to the Physicians Regional Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Marco Island Accident

Florida Police on duty!

More About The Marco Island Accident

Not many details have been out about the accident on Marco Island, as the man is already dead. The case comes under Section 316.645, as the driver was not wearing the seat belt. The accident happened around 1 am on August 15, 2021. It is not known if the man was returning from work or going to pick something up as he was driving his pickup truck. The cause of the crash has not been identified either, as there aren’t any witnesses around. Either of something being on the road that lost the man to lose his balance or the man himself being drunk. The man died primarily from the force he got on his skull and body from the crash. For now, the case has been closed.

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Road accidents have increased in the country in recent times. More than 20k people die in a car crash, and around 47% of deaths happen because of the passenger or driver not wearing the seat belts or not following the general safety rules. Marco Island has been seeing a lot of car crashes in the last few months. Back in March, a person died in a car crash as the two cars collided with each other. The other passengers of both cars were in critical condition but have been doing better now.

Marco Island Accident

Road Kills: The no. of road accidents is increasing and so is the no. of people violating the traffic rules.

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Another Crash!

Last year in February, Police Lt. Clayton B. Smith, who has been in the force for the past six years, also died in a traffic accident. Before taking up a police job at Marco Island, he used to serve at Springfield Township Police Department (STPD) in Ohio. After 25 years of service, he decided to retire from the department and move to Marco Island. Smith was off-duty as he was driving a motorcycle at the time of the accident when he collided with a 2002 Jeep Cherokee east on San Marco Rd as it was reaching the intersection. The case is under investigation.

Two days ago, three cars collided with each other on US 41 and Pelican Boulevard. According to the Highway Police Troops of Florida, the passengers from three cars were critically injured and rushed to the hospital as soon as possible. Looking at the cars, one car was ripped in half, with one portion on the roof stuck near the tree and another half on Trail Boulevard at the crash site. The police are investigating the reason behind the accident. The traffic rules awareness programs have been running on TV and in schools, and the officials are begging people to follow the rules.

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