Marcella Season 3 Ending Explained: A Road To Redemption And Peace

Marcella Season 3 Ending Explained
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Marcella season 3 created a huge leap around a mother’s life. It speaks about all the different variations around Marcella Backland’s family life and her career as a detective. Just to open a case that was shut down eleven years ago. It seems like the serial killer is on the run again. Well, season 3 has finally ended, and throughout the whole season, our main character had several plans to direct more importance to her married life. Marcella decides to step back from her career. But this indeed caused her to pay the price. The abrupt ending of Marcella Season 3 will surely put you through tremendous speculations.

Moreover, the killer she’s dealing with is hurting people through severe suffocation. Her only aim was to separate her thoughts from all the whereabouts of her personal life. But it seems like some things won’t leave your shadows. Recalling all the fresh memories of the last two seasons would have been pretty interesting for the fans. To make it even more disturbing, Marcella’s husband Jason left her to move on with his girlfriend Grace. Marcella is devastated, and soon she starts to suffer from fierce blackouts. Season 3 will connect all the dots that were unhinged.

Marcella Season 1 Plot

Speaking about the series, it is created by Hans Rosenfeldt and Nicola Larder. Well, Marcella season 1 starts with the tragic yet depressing life of Marcella Backland. As the story progresses, we come across multiple things about her life. As she suffers from blackouts, it ends up making her brutal and aggressive. Things take a strange turn when Grace’s body is discovered. Since then, Marcella was filled with fear and suspicion, which made her confused about herself. She feared that she might be the killer, and this caused her massive anxiety and stress. But soon, Grace’s brother is caught murdering her.

Marcella changes her identity to Keira Devlin
From Marcella Featuring Anna Friel as DS Marcella Backland.

Marcella’s blackouts started to become even more obvious after she blacked out for a long time. This means that she could get back to her senses at any time. But the worst part about it would be her memory. It’s too hard to recall the aftermath and consequences of her unconsciousness. But these things were just the beginning of her problems. The eeriest thing about the first season would be her struggle to crackdown more information about the decade-old killer. And Marcella had no other choice than to dig up all the suspected criminals, and here you can expect some opening. The viewers gave in a fit of rage for their negligence in covering up the plot holes.

The biggest mystery was Marcella’s revelation of a completely different side of her personality. Wherein she comes across the fact that she was the one who moved Grace’s body. Unsure of her actions, Marcella becomes extremely upset. Until they find the killer. As the first series comes to an end, we discover different motives for Marcella. Her instincts always kept an eye on Peter Cullen, the major suspect of her case. And soon, Marcella proved his murders. Moreover, Grace’s brother was strangled and duct-taped by Marcella after she lost her consciousness. And it was just the way Peter Cullen used to strangle his victims.

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Marcella Season 2 Plot

Well, even though Marcella successfully caught the actual killer, certain loopholes created a lot of doubts towards the ending. And most of them were cleared in Marcella season 2. Well, the creators of this series promised the plot wouldn’t be confusing, just like the first series. Moreover, Anna Friel portrayed the role of Marcella, and she even received an Emmy award for her outstanding performance in the ITV series. As we glance upon all the aspects of the first season, we get to know more about all the aspects of Marcella’s struggle.

Marcella suffers from fatal blackouts
From Marcella Featuring Anna Friel as DS Marcella Backland.

And yet again, the second series continues with a whole plot of twists and turns again. To make the story even eerier, they have included the killings of young children. And by now, it is pretty evident that there’s a pedophile involved. Upon investigating the case, Marcella comes across the body of a kid, and while she is busy inspecting him, a wave of resemblance hits her. That’s when she recalls that the child is her son’s friend Leo. And now, Marcella is looking forward to a new case. A case with pedophiles.

One by one, many cases started surfacing, and nobody had a clue about any of these killings. Well, looking at the cases closely, Marcella discovers that they’ve been dealing with a serial killer who knows to lure them into its maze. The killer took the kids away from familiar areas. Many men were suspects, but soon they understood that they were chasing the wrong person. The killer was Jane – a woman. Well, she had a very strange phenomenon. Jane wanted to stop the kids from becoming abusers. As the series went forward, Jane also went on with her motives to kill Marcella’s son Edward.

What Happened Towards The Ending of Marcella Season 2?

It seems like Jane had multiple reasons behind these killings. But none of them made any sense. Most of the children that she killed had an underlying and painful life with abusers. And it seems like Jane kind of knew that they would turn back to serial killers. Before Jane turned in her confession, she had already abducted Edward. To make her confess her evil deeds. Marcella decided to abduct her daughter Samantha. The main reason behind Jane’s confession would be the risk she has imposed on her daughter. But yes! Marcella got a full confession from her.

But by the end, fans were extremely confused by the ending. Marcella cut off her hair and slashed her face, which resulted in multiple injuries. Well, the reason was her changing personality. By this time, Marcella is estranged from herself, and she wanted to change her identity physically and mentally. So she added on a completely different look to modify her whole outward appearance. Moreover, Marcella faked her death and decided to go undercover with her career. Many fans confessed their disbelief through their social media handles. As the ending was pretty much a cliffhanger. The viewers were not impressed by the finale at this point.

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Marcella Season 3 Ending Explained

Around the end of Marcella Season 2, everyone’s aware of the horrifying fact about Marcella’s daughter Julliette. In one of her flashbacks, Marcella realizes that she accidentally killed her daughter by shaking her too hard. It happened while she was trying to stop her from crying. And this revelation led her to inflict self-harm on herself. But many of the fans were shocked to know about this strange truth. So by the end, Marcella retrieved back her darkest thoughts and memories. But before changing her appearance, she was ready to take her own life by jumping off the roof.

Marcella solved the case of the Maguire Family
From Marcella Featuring Anna Friel as DS Marcella Backland.

Towards the ending of Marcella season 3, Marcella has changed her identity to Keira Devlin. Well, before releasing this series, the cast members have already given their statements about Marcella’s journey to redemption. By the end, she has turned her appearance back to the way it was. And her major task was to defeat the Maguire family and save the baby, Katy. She even took along their family earnings and savings for the betterment of Katie. There were different opinions by this time, many fans believed that she is probably taking the money for herself. Well many of them didn’t like the ending at all, the plot was too unbelievable for the fans.

But Marcella Left with the baby to a new place. So it pretty much looks like redemption. Moreover, there were multiple questions about Marcella’s identity. Many were sure about her leaving, but her identity remains a secret. Although, she receives a call, and an anonymous person is still asking for Marcella Backland. So there is someone aware of her fake death. However, she was also addressed as Miss Hart. There are multiple unanswered speculations about this series. Even though the ending of Marcella Season 3 was kinda acceptable, there were cliffhangers still. And many fans are looking forward to the next season as well.

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