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Manifest Season 4: The Canceled NBC Series Moves To Netflix

Manifest Season 4 Release Date
Manifest Season 4 Release Date

Here’s everything we know about Manifest Season 4. Firstly, the formerly defunct NBC series was moved to Netflix. The announcement was made, and Fans of “Manifest” rejoiced. A new trailer for Season 4 of the mystery thriller has been published, adding to the mystery surrounding Flight 828.

“Manifest” initially aired on NBC for three seasons before being canceled in 2021. However, due to the show’s enormous success on Netflix, the streaming service chose to pick it up and renew it for a fourth and final season. This upcoming episode could provide significant answers to the show’s fundamental enigma, which has forever changed the lives of the passengers on Flight 828.

Manifest Season 3 Recap

Ben and Michaela are drawn together by similar impulses, which lead them to 828 travelers Rachel Hall. During Rachel’s 5+ years absence, her ex-husband Jonah married her sister Hannah, but things are not as they appear. Rachel’s rage is directed towards her abusive ex-husband, who she has discovered is now abusing Hannah. Ben steps in to prevent Rachel from murdering Jonah. The police arrested all three of them because Ben set off the quiet alarm. Michaela is furious at Ben for putting himself at risk, but he insists that it was essential to save the 828 “lifeboat.”

Manifest Season 4 Release Date

The series will have its final run on Netflix

Hannah has promised to testify on Rachel’s side while Jonah is being arrested. Saanvi estimates that the ancient wood is approximately 6,000 years old and contains some animal DNA, which is later discovered to be from a peacock. When Gupta claims that the wood was expelled from a long-dormant volcano revealed to be on Mount Ararat, she and Saanvi speculate that it could be from Noah’s Ark. Angelina appears to be able to calm Eden while she is weeping, and Cal attempts to utilize Zeke’s empathy talent to discern whether a girl at school likes him. Michaela and Drea also observe that Jared is developing feelings for Sarah Fitz.

Saanvi’s Experiment

Saanvi’s most recent experiment with the ancient wood causes an unusual earthquake to strike New York when Saanvi discovers on TV news coverage of a fracture in a road with lava underneath, right near the quake’s epicenter. She believes Mount Ararat has arrived in New York to recover Noah’s Ark. In the following experiment, she and Troy devise a ploy to generate an explosion that leaves only a pile of dust when in reality, they have taken the wood from the building.

Ben travels to see Astrid, an 828 passenger whose photo was in flames during his and Cal’s conversation. Astrid receives a phone about a youngster in peril, who turns out to be the son of renowned anti-828er Cody Webber, whom Ben had previously seen and has since received a restraining order not to get within a certain distance of. Ben assaults Webber once more when he refuses to reveal where his son has hidden.

Michaela and Jared mediate the conflict while Michaela and Astrid rescue the child from earthquake debris. Michaela reluctantly agrees when Jared says he has to arrest Ben for the assault. An incident during the earthquake at the Stone residence has Angelina convinced that Eden is her guardian angel. Cal acknowledges that he, Angelina, and Eden are all linked.

Manifest Season 4 Release

Manifest will have its final season run on Netflix

The Finale

Olive puts on Ben’s ankle monitor after learning from Vance that Cal is at Eureka so that Ben and Grace can get him. They discover that Cal has a burning calling that will not end unless Eureka stops experimenting on the tailfin. Saanvi continues to treat Cal while Ben and Grace beg Dr. Gupta to halt the testing. Ben intends to destroy the tailfin but receives a call informing him that he must return it to the ocean.

Vance attempts to intercede, but Gupta obtains permission from headquarters to continue testing. Cal reports to them that Gupta must see to believe. He vanishes after touching the tailfin. Meanwhile, Michaela receives a shared call from Bethany, Eagan, and Adrian in which Flight 828 is covered in blood and thinks that it is a warning about someone dying.

Ben and Vance plan to take the tailfin while Grace and Olive piece together Cal’s sketches for clues to get Cal back. Recognizing a constellation in the pictures as a sign from her late grandmother, Dr. Gupta permits them to take the tailfin. Adrian and Eagan incite a group of passengers, including Angelina, by claiming the Stones collaborate with the NSA. As a result, Eagan and another passenger kidnap Vance’s son.

Ben rescues Saanvi from the ocean while she is looking for the tailfin. Angelina infiltrates the Stone household, stabs Grace with a knife, and flees with Eden. Cal as an adult appears and kneels by his mother’s side as she dies. Dr. Gupta turns as she exits Eureka and sees the pilot materialize in the reassembled plane before both he and the plane vanish.

Manifest Season 4 Potential Plotlines

The third season of ‘Manifest’ concludes with a stunning twist when Cal sacrifices himself to prevent Project Eureka from examining the tailfin. He disappears after touching the tailfin, leaving Ben and Vance stunned. Meanwhile, Eagan, Randall, and Adrian are released from prison and begin conspiring against the government, believing that the authorities are persecuting them. They find Angelina, who is looking for her guardian angel.

When Angela breaks into Grace’s house and stabs her to take baby Eden with her, we will pick up something from there in season four. In his teenage years, Cal comes in front of Grace just before she dies, claiming he knows what to do. The third season concludes with Dr. Gupta sighting Flight 828 at the project base before it vanishes.

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 Teen Cal

Season 4 of ‘Manifest’ begins with Cal’s return as an adolescent. The mystery surrounding his development will be crucial to uncovering the causes behind the strange occurrences that govern the passengers’ lives. The fourth season will also follow Angelina as she leaves with baby Eden, fulfilling Michaela’s first vision. It will also be intriguing to watch how Adrian will fight back against the authorities now that Eagan and Randall are in arrest.

The airliner’s quick arrival and disappearance in front of Dr. Gupta will be crucial in explaining the show’s chronological cross-connections. With so many unanswered questions, concerns, and puzzles, the fourth and final season will be a challenge for creator Jeff Rake and his writers.


The majority of the cast will return for season four. Though most artists were relieved from their contractual obligations once NBC canceled the show, Manifest season four has Josh Dallas as Ben Stone and Melissa Roxbourgh in the cast as Michaela Stone. Furthermore, Parveen Kaur will play Sannvi Bahl, J.R. Ramírez will play Jared Vázquez. And also, Holly Taylor plays Angelina Meyer. Moreover, Luna Blaise plays Olive Stone. Matt Long plays Zeke Landon. Ty Doran plays Cal Stone. Rounding up the cast, we will have Daryl Edwards and Jared Grimes.

Manifest Season 4 Trailer:

Manifest Season 4 Trailer Breakdown

The video above shows Michaela, an NYPD investigator, checking a construction site for clues. During her investigation, she comes across a man with the word “Stone 828” cut into his arm, which raises important questions about the full scope of the mystery. A lot happened in the show’s season 3 conclusion, including a young Cal disappearing and reappearing aged up. That is truly eerie.

Manifest Season 4 Release Date

Netflix hasn’t announced the release date for the last season of Manifest yet. It’s marked as coming soon. How soon? Well, let’s break that apart. Firstly, the third season started on April 2021 and ended in June that same year. It consisted of 13 episodes of 50 minutes. The last season will have 20 episodes.

It was confirmed by Netflix when they picked up the series. Moreover, the series started production back in December 2021. So, we could expect it sometime in the last four months of 2022. Rest assured that when we have a definite date, we will post an update for you.

Manifest Season 4 Release Date

Manifest is coming soon!

Where To Watch Manifest?

If you want to watch Manifest, you have a few options available. Firstly, the show’s previous seasons are available on Netflix and DirecTV. Moreover, you can buy the earlier episodes from Apple iTunes, Amazon Direct Video, Vudu Fandango, Google Play, and the Microsoft Store.

Lastly, as stated earlier, the fourth season will release on Netflix, and you can watch it there. With this, we conclude our coverage of the last season of Manifest here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention, and please keep coming back to our Netflix section to check out our daily coverage of the world’s most popular streaming platform. See you soon!

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