Manifest Season 1 Episode 10: Air Date, Promo And All We Know So far

Manifest is currently off the air for a mid-season break. This break came along immediately after episode 9 of Manifest Season 1 was aired. This left fans wondering whether Manifest will be back in 2018 at all. The answer to that question is no. Manifest is coming back only in 2019 with a mid-season Premiere that titled as “Dead Reckoning.” In Episode 10 or “Dead Reckoning” fans will see the lead stars such as Ben (Josh Dallas) Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), and Vance (Daryl Edwards) continue their search efforts for the missing passengers from Flight 828. The passengers were abducted by the government.

Must warn you of spoilers at this point. Manifest basically is the story of a bunch of passengers whose flight returned after five years from the time it originally took off. The plot twist is when these passengers return as unaffected by the events of five gap years. It is their families and loved ones who have moved on whereas things have remained just as they were five years ago for these passengers.

Manifest Season 1 Episode 10: Plot

The focus of the TV show is Ben and Michaela as you see them adjust to their new normal by getting to the bottom of what really happened on flight 828. As the show progresses, Ben and Michaela hear weird voices and have equally weirder incomprehensible experiences. As you may know in the 9th Episode, Ben and Grace agreed to go their separate ways. Josh Dallas (as Ben Stone), Athena Karkanis (as Grace) haven’t aged a bit, but their weird experiences continue to haunt them.

A clip from the tenth episode reveals that Ben storms back into the house complaining that it was too early for Grace to be without him. He wasn’t pronounced dead after all! Fans say that Grace will eventually leave the show, but I say she and Ben will patch up after all. Let’s hope Grace makes peace with the circumstances.

Manifest Season 1 Episode 10: Air Date And Cast
Manifest returns on NBC on January 7. The cast of the show includes:
Josh Dallas (as Ben Stone), Athena Karkanis (as Grace), Melissa Roxburgh (as Michaela Stone), Parveen Kaur (as Saanvi Bahl), Daniel Sunjata (as Danny).

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