Manifest Episode 5 – Connecting Flights

In this post, we are going to be talking about Manifest Episode 5. In the last episode of Manifest, Michaela and Saanvi managed to help two more passengers from flight 828. Ben also met the man who Grace met during the five years of his disappearance. Jared was suspended because of Michaela’s wrong interpretation of her calling. In Manifest episode 5, more mysteries will surface as Cal started to manifest an odd ability.

The case of undocumented passenger (Thomas) revealed that there are still a lot of mysteries unfolded behind the Montego Air Flight 828. And in Manifest episode 5, more of the mysteries will be unfolded with a little help of Cal. It seems like Cal does know something as he can see the unknown passenger of Flight 828. You can watch the preview of the next episode below.

Things are getting more and more intense as Cal gets involved in the mystery. Ben and Cal were seen searching for something in the city, with Cal leading the way. It seems like Cal knows something that will happen as they happen even if he cannot see it. It can be remembered that Cal sensed the plane exploding even though he was not present physically. There might be a reason why Cal can do things like that, and it is likely that the reason for his ability is because he saw what really happened during the turbulence. Cal will lead Ben in a place where the answers that they seek is located.

Meanwhile, Michaela will try to protect Jared from the consequences that he faces because of the misinterpretation of her calling. This might be a hard task for her because, after all, he was her boyfriend and the flight 828 incident was still fresh. She will have a hard time trying to keep her romantic feelings at bay.

manifest episode 5

Will Jared on Michaela’s side or will he team up with Vance in order to keep his job? We will find out in Manifest episode 5.

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