Manifest Episode 4 Release Date and Spoilers

Kelly Taylor’s murder shook all the people involved in Flight 828. Her murderer was revealed in the last episode. Surprisingly, the one who killed her doesn’t have any connection to the flight. In Manifest episode 4, Saanvi will receive a mysterious message which will point her to someone from flight 828. On the other hand, Michaela is wondering about the purpose of these callings.

Manifest Episode 4 – Mysterious Message For Saanvi

In the last episode, it was seen how Saanvi told Ben and Michaela that the special marker found in Cal’s blood was also found in hers. She thinks that to know further more about the mystery surrounding flight 828, she need to sample brain tissues. That’s when they concluded that Kelly Taylor’s body might bring them more information. The only problem right now is Kelly Taylor’s body was missing from any morgue.

In Manifest episode 4, we will see more of Saanvi as she will receive a mysterious message. This message will lead her to the flight attendant from F828. It is likely that the flight attendant in the spoiler is the one who asked her about her laptop when the turbulence was over. To solve this piece of the puzzle, Saanvi will call Ben for help. This might be Saanvi’s first calling.

manifest episode 4

Manifest Episode 4 – Jared In Trouble?

Speaking of callings, Michaela will once again follow the voice inside her head. Whenever Michaela follows the voice in her head, she always solves something and so far, all things that it brought her is for the better. But she will start to question the nature of these callings when she tried to follow one and Jared ended up taking the blame for the consequence.

Manifest Episode 4

What are these callings and why passengers from the flight have these things? Are these callings related to that one entity who made all mysteries in this series? We might find out more in Manifest episode 4.

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