Manifest Episode 3 Spoilers – Ben And Michaela In Danger?

When Ben and Michaela thought that they’re finally starting to get their normal life, a big plot twist happened in the last episode. Someone from flight 828 was murdered on her home, and it was the person who gave interviews to the media. Fearing for their lives, Ben and Michaela will investigate the murder. Saanvi will also call with the news of her own that will shake Ben’s life.

Manifest Episode 3 – Their Life Is In Danger

In the last episode of Manifest, Ben and Grace finally reignited their love for each other. Michaela is also trying to make peace for the past that she regrets. It was also revealed that for some reason, Cal could see a person and it might be the “he” who has risen. Radd’s son Adio is also freed from a false accusation. When it seems like things are finally starting to get better, their fellow passenger was murdered on her own home. Here’s Manifest episode 3 preview if you haven’t seen it yet.

In Manifest episode 3, Ben and Michaela will try to investigate the murder of their fellow passenger. It was seen in the trailer that a bullet was found in the crime scene. The murderer is still at large, and this fellow might be one of the passengers. Nevertheless, this murderer might be up for murdering the passengers of flight 828.

Saanvi called Ben and revealed that there’s something different on her blood after the flight. There’s also something different in her CT scans. What s this thing in her blood and does the other passengers have this too? Will this make Cal’s medication be led in astray? Meanwhile, it was seen that Michaela’s car skidded and she was seen crying. Did someone try to kill her via a staged accident? Is there someone with her while she’s driving down the road?

Meanwhile, Ben walked into his home and saw an unfamiliar man inside the house. Who is he and what is he doing inside? Is he the man that Grace had a relationship with while he was presumed dead? We’re all gonna find all the answers in Manifest episode 3. Stay tuned for more updates.

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