Manifest Episode 2 Spoilers – The Looming Danger

Manifest Episode 2

In the last episode of Manifest, Ben, Michaela, and Cal all went and tried to get back to their lives as if five years never happened. But that’s not an easy thing to do, especially if they all started to hear voices in their minds. Even Cal, who was sleeping back then, felt the impact of the plane’s explosion. In Manifest episode 2, they will face more difficulty in getting back their lost lives and searching for the answer to the mystery that happened to them.

Manifest Episode 2 – Michaela And Jared

After a long five years, Michaela found out that his boyfriend (just yesterday, in her timeline) was married to her best friend for three years. It seems like Jared managed to forget her with the help of this unnamed best friend, but now that she’s back, Michaela will have to a hard choice to make. Will she let Jared go or will she get him back? That would be her dilemma in Manifest episode 2.

Meanwhile, Ben will be helping a fellow passenger to reconnect with his son. For some reason, all the passengers are now connected to each other. Ben must’ve felt like he needs to know more about the passengers to solve the mystery that happened on their flight.

Manifest Episode 2

Cal is expected to take some of the spotlights in Manifest episode 2. For some reason, he will be approached by an obsessive stranger and it seems like he will be in danger this episode. It is possible that a fanatic of the event from flight 828 is trying to learn more about the incident and will try to take information from Cal. Or, better yet, this obsessive stranger will be someone who actually knows something about what’s going on.

Manifest Episode 2

And last but not the least, Olive and Grace are disagreeing about one certain decision. It might be about Grace’s partner during the five years. Now that Ben is back, the relationship is turned into an “affair”. Will they tell Ben about this devastating secret?

After the plane exploded while the passengers are staring at it, the Government will not turn an eye off this event. All the passengers will be under government scrutiny. Will this help them or will the government ruin what’s planned ahead of them? We will know more on Manifest episode 2 so stay tuned for more spoilers.