When Does Maniac Season 2 Come Out on Netflix?

Maniac Season 2: Release Date, Cast and News

Maniac is a Netflix original series which is created by Patrick Somerville and first aired on 21st September 2018 on Netflix. The series is a dark psychological comedy which was announced in March 2016, and it gathered so many positive reviews, but will we get a Season 2?

The story of the series follows two persons who are complete strangers during a mind-bending pharmaceutical trial. Both have suffered a lot in their lives, and when a company claims of pills to cure anything about the human mind, they get drawn towards it, and they get into a three-day drug trial with no side-effects or complications.

The Series hasn’t been confirmed for a second season. The last scenes of season 1 showed both the characters breaking out from the institution and getting away in a truck. Somerville recently has said that the series was set to be a miniseries which means that the fans may not get a Season 2 for the series. He already has said that the miniseries gave the creative team to make a “more hopeful ending.”

He also confirmed that there had been no talks with Netflix about any more episodes. The director recently has said that he will be ‘happy’ if another season was to happen. But he wouldn’t be the one in it. So, we cannot say for sure that we will get another season.

The cast for season 2 may also not be the same with the lead actor Emma Stone saying that she worked because she wanted to work with Cary Fukunaga – the director for the series. So, it all seems to go downhill for the fans of the series, but we can’t say that the series won’t return as well.

When does Maniac Season 2 come out?

If Maniac Season 2 does return, the possible release date would be, somewhere around 21 September 2019.