In the One Piece world, the brokers are centered on the underworld dealers, trading in illegal goods, such as slaves of different species, and highly priced products or weapons of mass destruction.

For a while, I thought that Big Mom’s crew had many people with absolute powers that fill the character’s self correctly. For some time that was okay, but later as more of the Big Mom crew were presented, this seemed to good to be real.

There is something everyone must of noticed, and that’s tons of pirates with particular themed powers.

Big Mom Pirates, nearly all of her kids have a snack based devil fruit. Some have powers outside that, but a lot of her children have abilities that are somehow connected to food.

Even oven can be in this group. While Oven’s heat powers isn’t a food-based power, it can be used for cooking.

Kaido Pirates – All of Beast pirates seem to be beast themed, but I will get back to them.

We know Kaido had a factory that supplied his crew with Devil Fruits. He was building an Army of Zoan Devil Fruit users. The man behind this business was Doflamingo, he was selling Devil Fruits in the underworld, and had a deal with Kaido to provide him with artificial Zoan fruits.

I believe there has is an underground black market for devil fruits and someone is selling specific ones to people.

Big mom prefers her kids having powers that are linked to producing food, so she make them eat, and get them from this seller.
Now with Kaido, it was Doflamingo who sold them smiles, but smiles are different. They aren’t as powerful.

Jack is the only one who we have seen so far, and he can turn into a Mammoth.

Kaido used to buy Devil Fruits that were Zoans from this broker and gave it to his crew until Dofalmingo showed up with his smiles. Smiles are more numerous and can be generated.

So it’s also reasonable, because of the smiles, Joker was a primary business rival to this other seller.

Underworld salesman could be in debt due to Luffy for taking out his number one rival, and this might be the best spot to drop Caesar off. As I don’t see him joining the crew, but I can’t mind them just letting him.

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