Manaria Friends: Release Date, And Staff Members Revealed

Manaria Friends, an upcoming anime based on the popular Japanese social game, Rage of Bahamut. The anime is not related to the previous season of the series (Rage of Bahamut: Genesis). Well, the anime was previously scheduled to air back in April 2016. But due to some reasons, it got postponed. The anime will focus on telling the stories of Anne and Grea from ‘Manaria Mahougakuin” from the Rage of Bahamut. Well, today we have the promotional video, staff details and the release date for the upcoming short-anime, Manaria Friends.

Manaria Friends Promotional Video:

According to the official website, the anime is described as, Humans, Gods and Demons and some other races are living with each other inside the Peculiar world, known as ‘Mystarsia’. The story surrounds around Anne the beautiful princess of the Manaria Kingdom and Grea, a shy dragon princess of the kingdom. And with the encounter of these two with each other, their lives at Manaria’s Mysteria Academy starts.

The Original work for the anime is done under, Cygames. The Director for the series is Hideki Okamo, series composition is done under Satoko Sekine, Character Designs are done by Minami Yoshida, in charge of the Music field will be Takashi Watanabe. And the Animation Production is done under the name of CygamesPictures.

Manaria Friends Release Date

As I mentioned earlier, the release date for Manaria Friends was April 2016, but due to some problems in the production, the release date of the anime was postponed. And, now recently when the staff members spoke on the release date. The Director confirmed the release date to be, January 2019. The voice actors for the two protagonists are,
Anne: Yoko Hikasa
Grea: Ayaka Fukuhara

Well, that’s what we have, for now, If I get any more updates regarding the show, I will make sure to update this article. Meanwhile, make sure to check our other articles at OtakuKart.

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