Maid Filming Locations: Where is the Famous Netflix Series Filmed?

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maid filming locations
A still from Maid

Netflix always comes up with beautifully shot series and movies. Maid is a series brimming with touching moments, memorable characters, and picturesque locations. So, where are Maid’s filming locations? The story follows a single mother who is trying to leave an abusive relationship. In order to care for her daughter, she becomes a maid. It is a very touching story about a strong woman who decides what is best for her, as well as her daughter. The plot gives strength to all women going through tough situations similar to hers.

Maid is very realistic when it comes to showing the struggles a single mother faces. From finding difficulties seeking help from organizations made for single mothers to struggling with difficulties finding a job, everything is portrayed so well. Based on her own life experiences, the series is inspired by a memoir written by Stephanie Land. It is called ‘Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will To Survive.’ Now, let’s get into the filming locations of the series, Maid.

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Maid’s Filming Locations: Where Is Fisher Island?

In the series, the story takes place in Port Hampstead, Washington, although it was filmed in British Columbia, Canada. Most of the filming locations of Maid were shot on Vancouver Island, notably the Victoria Island region. After leaving her toxic boyfriend, Alex, who is the protagonist of the show, is seen at a petrol station. It is the first episode, and this petrol pump is on the outskirts of Victoria, Oldfield’s Save-On Gas on Saanich Road.

maid filming locations
Alex working in Fisher Island

Port Hampstead ferry terminal is actually The Swartz Bay Port in North Saanich. It connects Vancouver Island to the Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal on the Canadian mainland. The smaller dock on Fisher Island was shot at Salt Spring Island’s Terminal Fulford Harbour. Many of the street shots were filmed in Downtown Victoria. The farmer’s market where Alex’s mother works is there. The Guild on Wharf Street was used to film the scene where Alex’s abusive boyfriend Sean works as a bartender. The Marina Restaurant is located just east of Downtown, where Alex’s lunch rendezvous with Regina is shot.

Where Is The Beautiful Mansion Shown In The Series Located?

Alex and Maddie arrive at a women’s shelter in Esquimalt, a small town northwest of Victoria. Alex gets a job at Value Maids, which is Tillicum Laundry in Saanich. On McAnally Road, at the extremity of a peninsula facing the Haro Strait, lies the beautiful mansion shown in the series. Alex works for Regina there as a maid. Alex rents a seaside cabin apartment on Fisher Island, which was filmed at East Sooke. The cabin is even available for rent on Airbnb.

maid filming locations
A still from Maid

Cadboro-Gyro Park is where Alex and her daughter Maddie meet Nate and his kid for playtime. The scene where Alex searches down her mother Paula on a deckchair on the beach admiring the ‘cotton-candy’ sky was shot on Ocean Boulevard, a road that stretches along a strip of land between the Esquimalt Lagoon and the Strait. There were a lot of coastal scenes shot in Royal Beach as well. No doubt, the creators of the series have worked hard on the filming locations of the series ‘Maid.’

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What Is Maid’s Storyline?

Alex Russell, played by Margaret Qualley, is a 25-year-old mother who lives in a trailer with her daughter Maddy and her abusive partner, Sean. They reside in Port Hampstead, Washington. Sean frequently drinks and passes out, throwing punches in walls and being abusive. Alex and Maddy flee away one night following a horrific incident that occurred due to Sean’s alcoholism. They don’t have much money and nowhere to go, so they are forced to spend the night in their car.

maid filming locations
Alex and Maddy in Maid

Alex chooses to go to the shelter registration office the next day to get a room. She meets Jody, who tells her she won’t be able to secure subsidized housing until she finds work and obtains two pay stubs. Jody recommends Value Maids, a local cleaning service, to help her.

Here, the story actually starts. The entire series shows Alex’s struggles and hardships in making her daughter’s life simple and comfortable. She works restlessly as a maid to pay the bills and provide for her daughter. Alex is fond of writing but gives up her dream of going to college because she gets pregnant with Maddy. The story also focuses on her journey of re-pursuing her dream of creative writing. You can stream the series on Netflix.

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