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Mahal New Boyfriend: All About The Actress Personal Life


On Tuesday, famous actress, comedian Mahal died due to gastro illness and Covid 19. Sudden news shocked the fans. The news of the death has flooded social media with comments on Mahal’s accounts. Mahal has always been in controversy for her love life. But do you know who was Mahal’s New Boyfriend?

Noemi Tesorero, popularly known as Mahal, is a Filipino actress, vlogger and comedian. Mahal is a victim of Dwarfism and, she is seen in shows performing childlike roles. In 1988, Mahal got her first television show, Lunch Date. Mahal became famous after she impersonated a beautiful stranger in “Kokey” which was released in 1997. From being a simple and inexperienced comedian, Mahal changed her image as a brave and liberated woman in 2013. The actor had appeared in numerous films and sermons on television. In 2003, her appearance in the comedy film Mr. Suave was also appreciated. In addition to her acting, Noemi Tesorero was a comedian and had recently starred in a comedy bar in Manila. Mahal has never been ashamed of her Dwarfism. Rather, she was seen making fun of her height a lot in her comedy shows.

This actress is very bold and confident and is neither afraid nor shy to comment on anything. She also answered conversations about ways to have sex and was not ashamed to disclose her age. Mahal has also started embracing sexy projects, such as the indie film Gigolo. She had a great fanbase. Her fan base never let her feel the lack of her height. Noemi’s performance has always been in the favor of the audience. 

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Noemi was born on 25 December 1974 in Virac, Catanduanes, Philippines. Her father’s name is Romi Tesoro, who is quite wealthy and, her stepmother’s name is Josepha. Mahal’s older sister Irene is the owner of a restaurant in Cleveland, United States, while her brother is a cop in his upbringing. Noemi, now popular as Mahal, got this name from her grandmother. Despite being from such a Rich family, Mahal made her career by working.

Mahal New Boyfriend

Mahal New Boyfriend

After performing for the first time on GMA’s afternoon show Lunch Date, Mahal began receiving offers for Films. Mahal made her debut in the film industry in 1991 with the film Anak ni Janice. She appeared in her second film Kokey in 1997. Mahal also has her own YouTube channel. She created this channel in 2020 and posts regular posts for her viewers. She was seen with Youtuber Mygz Molino in her vlogs. In 2021, Mahal appeared in the television series Owe My Love. In an episode of Tunay na Buhay, she told the point of view of her life. She said always laugh no matter how many problems life may have.

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Mahal New Boyfriend 

She was also popular for her relationship with singer Jimboy Salazar, who left the world in 2015. Later she married former actor Aries Navarro. However, after two years of marriage, Mahal and Heber decided to end their marriage. She named Salazar as the “plastic” person she met most on showbiz. She did not mention anything about Salazar when she decided to marry her boyfriend.  At the time, Mahal was in love with Jimmy Navarro, a widower.

On  2 November 2015, Mahal married Jobbie Hebrio, a butcher and retailer in a supermarket, Quezon City Hall. In 2017, some rumor came out maybe Mahal is dating her new boyfriend, Sam Jacinto. Earlier, the rumor came out Mahal, and Jed Salang is in a relationship, and ex-husband of Delas Alas. Mahal was in a live-in relationship with Mygz Molino, an indie film actor. However, another anonymous relative did not accept Mahal and Molino’s relationship rumors by saying they are just collaborating for vlogs. 

Mahal New Boyfriend

Mahal and Mygz Molino

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Mahal’s Career Journey

Mahal gave some notable performances throughout her career. She was part of movies like Anak ni Janice, Kokey, Mr. Suave, Mura, Magandang Tanghali Bayan . Noemi also appeared in television series like Lunch Date, Dear Usage, Owe My Love. She appeared in  Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho before her death.

On August 31, 2021, the news of the sudden demise of Mahal came out. Mahal was dealing with health conditions, including high blood pressure. According to her sister Irene, Mahal died of gastro illness and COVID-19 disease. 

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