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Magnum P.I. Season 3: Everything Happened So Far

Magnum P.I. Season 3 - Everything Happened So Far
Still From Magnum P.I. Season 3

The new rebooted police universe of CBS continues to expand with Magnum P.I. on its third consecutive season. Developed by Peter M. Lenkov and Eric Guggenheim, Magnum P.I. debuted in September of 2018. The show comes as a reboot of a television show from the 1980s of the same name. Falling under the same universe of Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver, Magnum P.I. has so far aired two successful seasons. Currently, the show is on its third season which almost at the brink of wrapping up with only five episodes yet to air. So here we are taking a look at everything that has happened in the show far as we head towards the finale of Magnum P.I. Season 3.

Magnum P.I. follows the story of Thomas Magnum, an ex-navy seal who has just returned after his service in Afghanistan. Soon, he starts using his skill set venturing as a private investigator in Hawaii working under a famous novelist’s security consultant. So with no further adieu let’s begin our recap for Magnum P.I. Season 3.

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Complete Recap Of Magnum P.I. Season 3

The third season of Magnum P.I. opened up with a couple approaching Magnum and Higgins. Apparently, the woman named Helen is looking for her brother. They soon realize that Helen was only looking for Max so that she can take her revenge as she had to serve 16 years in prison because of a homicide. She shoots and kills Max. While they all escape, Higgins is injured in the process and taken back to the hospital. On the other hand, Rick catches the couple. The premiere ends with Higgin’s surgeon Ethan asking Higgins out on a date with Magnum overhearing them. Plus the SUV is on the tail of Magnum and Higgins.

Magnum P.I. Season 3 - Everything Happened So Far

Still From Magnum P.I. Season 3

The next episode saw Magnum and Higgins facing some masked gunmen in a plane causing their plane to crash before taking off. Rick, T.C., and Katsumoto attempt a brilliant rescue, and Higgins is finally able to go on her first date with Ethans. She believes Ethan is too perfect for her. On the other hand, Katsumoto breaks down more about the SUV following them.

Different Cases

The third and the fourth episode of Magnum P.I. saw completely two different scenarios. Higgins is looking towards Juliet’s two marriage license applications until a group of masked men taking people hostage demanding Ray Vaughan in exchange for people’s safety. After a number of plots and plans, the team finally takes the group down and Higgins becomes a hero who is now welcomed to stay in Hawaii. The fourth episode of Magnum P.I., saw the team go head to head with a Japanese Crime Organization that has kidnapped MMA fighter Kai Durrel to throw a high-stakes fight.

Magnum P.I. Season 3 - Everything Happened So Far

Still From Magnum P.I. Season 3

The following episode saw the team at Rick’s bar looking for two people dressed as armored truck guards who killed the real truck guards. While the team takes them down, they meet an unlikely friend T.C.’s elderly friend Booky. On the other hand, Magnum reconciles with Higgin’s boyfriend Ethan and has a heartfelt conversation with him.

The sixth episode saw the team taking down a kidnapper who has kidnapped a wealthy real estate developer’s wife. With a ransom of $3 million, the officers successfully exchange only to find the wife dead. They further hunt down the kidnapper who already knew about their action since the wife was killed 8 hours before the ransom call was made. On the other hand, Kumu tries to reconnect with Maleah.

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More Complicated Cases

In the seventh episode Magnum and Higgins report to a complaint by people in the neighborhood who suspect a person being a murderer. Tracking down the person leads them to a Chinese girl in the mysterious man’s van. Until they realize he is indeed a hero trying to save girls from a sex trafficking ring. Apart from the case, Magnum is still suffering from nightmares of being kidnapped by the SUV.

Magnum P.I. Season 3 - Everything Happened So Far

Still From Magnum P.I. Season 3

The following episode sees Magnum and Higgins tracking down a 22-year-old patient of Ethan. The patient had a bullet in his lung and would not survive much longer. Hunting down Paul leads the duo to Paul’s family and an accidental shooting incident uncovering the secrets of a 12-year-old case. The episode ends with Rick hiring Suzy who helped them in the second season offering her a chance to work a bartender job realizing she is down on her luck.

Recently On Magnum P.I.

So coming down to the most recent events in the last few episodes, Higgins was kidnapped. Magnum realizes that Higgins’s abduction is related to one of their very first cases as P.I. The time they turned their client Elliot Hammer in and now his son demands his father released. While Magnum and his team can’t take help from HPD, after various attempts they take down Elliot’s son successfully with no casualties. The episode ends with Rick connecting with Suzy with a little help from Magnum.

Magnum P.I. Season 3 - Everything Happened So Far

Still From Magnum P.I. Season 3

The last episode saw Magnum and his team being hired by an army ranger’s wife whose husband is missing. Magnum investigates to come up with the fact that the missing army officer is suffering from survivor guilt. Before anything further happens to him, Magnum approaches T.C. and Rick and find him. On the other hand, Higgins and Ethan enjoy a vacation at Hotel Patron for some alone time while Gordon tries to bond with his son.

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What To Expect Next From Magnum P.I.?

There are five episodes that are yet to be released for the third season of Magnum P.I. The next episode titled, “The Lies We Tell” is set to release on March 12, 2021, on CBS. The official synopsis of the episode tells that Magnum and Higgins will be hired by a married woman to take down the killer of her boyfriend. She asks them to handle the case in secrecy since she doesn’t want her affair to go public. Only until they realize the victim is someone else. Check out the promo for the next episode of Magnum P.I. Season 3 below.

Apart from the daily cases, the final few episodes of Magnum P.I. may also lead us to the story behind this SUV that is chasing the team. Throughout the run of the third season, the SUV has made its presence felt following the investigators or in dreams of P.I. Is it something connected with Magnum and his past? Or probably an organization looking to take down his team. Plus, further exploration of the relationship between Higgins and Ethan and how it may affect Magnum. All in the third season of Magnum P.I.

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