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Magnum P.I. Season 3 Episode 16: Release Date & Preview

Preview And Recap: Magnum P.I. Season 3 Episode 16

CBS has been performing really great on the TRP charts for the last few years because of the amazing series that are coming up regularly that are full of fantastic content and an amazing performance by the cast. This helps them in getting the attention of millions of audiences who are just extremely hungry for new and amazing content that is worth watching and this is the network that quenches their hunger for amazing content.

The same is the situation with one such action crime series that CBS came up with within 2018 for the first season. “Magnum P.I.” is the American crime action-drama series that have got premiered for the third season a few weeks ago after releasing two blockbuster seasons. This series came like a storm that is full of entertainment and completely blown up all the fans. This season has got 15 amazing episodes and now it’s time for episode 16, and we have got each and every detail about this episode that you should know.

Preview And Recap: Magnum P.I. Season 3 Episode 16

The Team Of Magnum P.I. Season 3

Magnum P.I. Season 3 Episode 16 Release Date

Magnum P.I. Season 3 Episode 16 will release on May 7, 2021, and it is titled “Bloodline.” This episode is directed by Avi Youabian and is written by Eric Guggenheim &¬†Geoffrey Thorne. This episode is going to be the last episode of this season and after this, the third season will finally come to an end, and again the wait for a new season will start. But you don’t have to worry about anything as we will be back with all the latest updates about the new season and the only thing you have to do is to stay connected to this site.

Preview And Recap: Magnum P.I. Season 3 Episode 16

The Lead Cast Of This Action Crime Series

Episode 15 Recap

This episode was titled “Before the Fall” and it released on April 30, 2021. In this episode, Magnum’s Uncle Bernardo visits them and revealed a family secret to them that was very unexpected, while Higgins also confesses each and everything from her past to Ethan. Again, T.C. was flying Shammy in his chopper as he was hoping that Shammy will also soon train to be a pilot and will serve him as a backup but Shammy was really resistant and unwilling about that. On the flight, they saw something that was not really worthy enough for them.

They saw some people on a mountain star attraction that was announced to be closed for repairs but later T.C. saw a piece of news that a woman fell from the steps and died on the spot. After having a look at the woman’s shirt and recognizing something and getting understood that someone was definitely with her on the steps, T.C. suspected something fishy and took the matter to Katsumoto. With the involvement of Magnum in the case, they got some great help from him and got some leads regarding the victim.

They were able to know that the victim was getting really close to the truth about her younger brother murdering her best friend. This can definitely be a big reason behind her sudden death although they were not very much clear and were still investigating the case thoroughly to get some good leads. Ethan then informed Higgins that he thinks, they should take a break and as such he will be going on a six-month assignment for Doctors Without Borders. Shammy also comes clean with Rick about his worries over becoming a chopper pilot.

Episode 16 Promo Explained

As we already shared that this episode is going to be the last episode of season 3 and hence you will be witnessing some great things happening in this episode as the creators will try to end it on a good and exciting note. In this episode, you will witness Magnum and Higgins working on a stalking case that involves a man with a past in espionage. Also, Ethan will ask Higgins to join him on the extended trip for Doctors Without Borders. Meanwhile, Magnum will start opening up other possibilities in the case that he was taking up in this episode.

These were some major updates about this series. We have shared all the major details about this episode that you should know. After the end of this series, the wait for a new season will begin and we will soon be covering all the major updates about the new seasons, so stay tuned if you do not want to miss any.

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