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Maestro: Release Date, Cast, Plot, & Trailer

Maestro is the upcoming Telugu remake of the 2018 Bollywood hit Andhadhun. Starring Nithiin, Tamannaah, and Nabha Natesh in lead roles, the black comedy crime thriller is set to hit Disney+ Hotstar. Helmed by Merlapaka Gandhi, Maestro will be a Shresht Movies production. Sudhakar Reddy, the father of Nithin, acquired the rights for the Telugu remake of Ayushmann Khurrana starrer Andhadhun. Sudhakar Reddy and Nikitha Reddy serve as the producers of the film. J. Yuvaraj serves as the director of photography, while S.R. Shekhar serves as the editor. Mahati Swara Sagar has lent the music.

Maestro will have an OTT release, a decision that reflects the increasing trend in India recently. Filmmakers and studios choosing OTT over a theatrical release have also received a fair bit of criticism. Recently, the Telangana State Film Chamber of Commerce urged studios and filmmakers to wait until the theatres reopen. The chamber of commerce asked to wait until October 31, when Covid-19 pandemic restrictions ease up to open theatres again. However, this is a rather hard call for producers to make. With the film industry already suffering from the lockdown, makers see OTT as the logical refuge. Another factor in catalyzing this OTT trend has been the increasing influx of audiences to the streaming platforms. Let’s delve into the plot details as well as the release date of Maestro.

Is Maestro releasing on Disney+ hotstar

Maestro (2021) is the Telugu remake of 2018 Bollywood hit Andhadhun.

Who will be in the Cast?

Nithiin will be playing the lead role of Arun, the counterpart to Ayushmann’s Andhadhun character, Akash. Nithiin will be similarly donning the role of the blind pianist who fakes his blindness to get sympathy gigs and jobs. Jisshu Sengupta will be playing the role of Inspector N. Ravindar. Nabha Natesh will be reprising Radhika Apte’s character, Sofie, from Andhadhun. She will be playing the love interest to the protagonist, Arun. Meanwhile, Tamannaah will be reprising Tabu’s character of Simi from the original. Tamannah will The film also stars Naresh, Sreemukhi, Ananya, Harsha Vardhan, Racha Ravi, Mangli, and Srinivasa Reddy.

Maestro Release Date

Maestro will be releasing on September 17, 2021, on Disney+ Hotstar. Originally meant to hit theatres, the makers eventually decided on an OTT release. The makers announced Maestro’s release date on August 28 via Twitter and Instagram. Nithiin took to his Twitter handle to break the news as well. He tweeted, “It’s a thriller for your eyes. Catch all the action from September 17 in #DisneyPlusHotstarMultiplex #Maestro.”

Principal photography for Maestro was set to begin in November 2020. However, it ultimately started next month in Dubai. Filming also took a blow from COVID-19 lockdown, and it came to a halt for two months. The filming resumed on June 14, 2021, in Errum Manzil, Hyderabad, and concluded on June 20. Originally meant for theatres, the makers ended up opting for an OTT release.

What will Maestro be About? Plot Spoilers

Seeing as Maestro is a remake of Andhadhun, the viewers can expect the plot to remain the same. The plot of Andhadhun revolved around Akash, a blind pianist who’s actually faking his blindness to improve his piano skills. He meets Sophie through an accident. She eventually gets him a recurring gig at her father’s restaurant, and the two begin dating soon afterward. A retired 70’s actor, Pramod Sinha, takes notice of Akash’s piano skills and offers him a gig. He invites him to play piano at his apartment on his marriage anniversary as a surprise for his wife, Simi. The next day, Akash arrives at Pramod’s apartment and makes a harrowing discovery. The film then revolves around Akash as he finds himself in a web of murder, adultery, money, ransom, and deceit.

Maestro movie cast

Nithin, Tamannaah, and Nabha Natesh star in the lead roles in Maestro (2021).

The official trailer of Maestro seems to indicate that the film will be an almost shot-for-shot remake. Even the dialogues seem to essentially be a Telugu translation of the ones in the original. We see all of the various settings from the original replicated in the trailer, with only the locations being different. While most of the filming for Andhadhun took place in Pune, Maestro is mostly shot in Hyderabad. The trailer hints toward a mostly similar affair, retaining the same twists and turns from the original. The trailer of Maestro ends with a shot of a CGI hare at the side of the road running off following a gunshot. This sequence is also taken directly from Andhadhun. Suffice it to say, Maestro is going to be a faithful Telugu adaptation of the 2018 hit.

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