Madam Secretary Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Spoilers

Today we’ll be talking about Madam Secretary Season 5 Release Date and Update. Madam Secretary is an American political drama series created by Barbara Hall and produced by Morgan Freeman and Lori McCreary. Featuring Téa Leoni as Elizabeth McCord, a woman that was a political science professor and Central Intelligence Agency analyst turned Secretary of State.

Madam Secretary Season 5 Release Date

Madam Secretary Season 5 Release Date

The Secretary of State of the United States of America handles everything related to that country’s foreign policy. The show has run for four seasons and Madam Secretary Season 5 Release Date is set to air in the late half of next year.

Madam Secretary tells us the story of Elizabeth McCord, her life as a United States representative and her personal life experience as a woman. The show mainly focuses on the political aspects regarding the lobbying, pressures, and sidelines and under the table negotiations that a person in that position has to deal with, while giving us a deep insight into how worldwide issues and conflicts are dealt with from the political situation of the United States under a democratic party presidency.

Téa Leoni depicts a brave, wise, patient and brilliant character with lots of connections in places of conflict, mainly the middle east, for her past as political science professor and CIA Analyst has given her a tough as nails perspective on the causes of the conflict and issues that pertain to that particular hemisphere.

Madam Secretary Season 5 Trailer

Here’s a trailer for you to enjoy, although it’s not from season five because it hasn’t started to film yet. However, expect a teaser trailer from CBS Studios as they begin shooting season five and one it’s out there we will surely have it in for you.

Madam Secretary has received a generally positive review from many TV critics. Review aggregator Metacritic scores the show 66 points out of a possible 100 based on thirty-one reviews, On Rotten Tomatoes the show scores 66% based on 60 reviews. In general, the consensus around every review is that albeit Téa Leoni’s dramatis personae and the story arcs that revolve the personal life and political life of the Secretary of State, the show is not a spectacular political drama in the likes of other shows such as House of Cards or The West Wing.

Madam Secretary Season 5 Cast

Tim Daly
Patina Miller
Téa Leoni
Geoffrey Arend
Erich Bergen
Željko Ivanek
Bebe Neuwirth
Wallis Currie-Wood
Katherine Herzer
Evan Roe
Keith Carradine
Sebastian Arcelus
Sara Ramirez

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