MacGyver Season 3 Episode 4: Guts + Fuel + Hope

In this post, we are going to talk about MacGyver season 3 episode 4 release date, where to watch, and spoilers. Before even talking about anything, I am really excited to see our main lead Mac back. I know that he decided to take care of his dad but differences led him to live separately. But now, he was again back with the Phoenix Foundation, and all the viewers are loving it. So, let’s talk more about what is going to happen next week.

The fourth episode of MacGyver season 3 is scheduled to air on 19 October 2018. The show is broadcasted on CBS channel every Friday at 9 PM. Furthermore, the show is available on the CBS app where all the CBS shows are listed to view by just logging into the app. Not just that, viewers can watch the show by streaming CBS on other online portals such as Hulu, Roku.

The show is now bringing out several interesting storylines, involving totally disparate cases. Many times, it happens that cases feel like we have seen this kind of stories. But this show rarely lets that happen, as creativity is in its roots.

Take an example of the second episode; we saw that the team was trying help out Jack and Delta force to help their colleague who was being falsely being disguised as a terrorist, which is a unique concept.

MacGyver Season 3 Episode 4

In the fourth episode, we are going to see that our team has to cross an area which is full of insurgent people, as they have to help children. They have to supply liquid oxygen to a children hospital and a big obstacle of these rebels.

It would surely be interesting to see how Mac and Riley deal with this problem and complete their task. On the other side, Mac is still trying to sort out whether he wants his father back in his life or not. Riley would be seen helping him out in this situation!

You cannot download MacGyver Season 3 Episode 4 anywhere online, but you can watch it on the above-mentioned options!

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