Luther Season 5: Trailer Revealed

Luther Season 5 trailer

Luther season 4 was released quite a while back, Luther fans are still waiting for season 5, but it looks like the wait won’t be long now. Earlier, We made a post about Luther Season 5, and that it was confirmed, but we were missing a trailer and now we have it.

Luther Season 5 Trailer

Hopefully, you have liked the trailer. Idris Elba is officially playing as Detective Chief Inspector John Luther. The trailer was quite short, but it was still awesome.

The teaser trailer footage shows John Luther emerging from the shadows wit ha cut on his face as three words flash on the screen, “THIS WILL HURT”. As we mentioned our earlier post about Luther Season 5, there is still no premiere date for the next season, but don’t worry we will keep you updated as soon as any more information is released.

You can watch Luther Season 1-4 on Netflix while waiting for Season 5. In case you still don’t know what Luther is all about, I’ll leave a synopsis below.

Luther Synopsis

Luther” follows the cases of a troubled yet brilliant English police detective, Deputy Chief Inspector John Luther. Separated from his wife, whom he loves passionately, he is torn between an unrelenting approach to solving serial killings and his attempts to revive his marriage.

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