‘Luoyang Episodes 29 & 30′: The Calm Before the Storm

‘Luoyang Episodes 29 & 30': The Calm Before the Storm
‘Luoyang Episodes 29 & 30'

‘Luoyang Episodes 29 & 30’ are going to hit the screens very soon. It won’t be wrong to say that the C-Drama has created a huge buzz in the Asian arena of entertainment. Through its incredible cast performance and intriguing plot structure, it has managed to hypnotize everyone under its spell. Viewers out there are flooding the internet with their own theories and edits about the show and its upcoming episodes. Moreover, the viewership scale of the show has skyrocketed to a different level, and everyone is having great expectations from the show. Well, it is right to do so as the show has already managed to fulfill many of them.

The genre of history has always been oddly satisfying to watch, and this drama series has again weaved it effortlessly in its roots. The thrill is constant in each episode of the show, and the audience out there are appreciating it for the same.

The satisfying and thrilling suspense level inside the show has made all its viewers fall in love instantly. And, it is no surprise that the drama has stolen the limelight of the whole internet in a short period of time. Here, we are going to talk about the upcoming episodes of the show and to tell you all the needed details about the same. So, let’s have a quick skim inside.

‘Luoyang Episodes 29 & 30’: When Are the Episodes Going to Air?

Luoyang Episodes 29 & 30 are going to air on December 22, 2021, at 5:30 PM. The show has gained a fantastic viewership scale, and it is visible everywhere that the C-Drama has gained ground. Viewers out there are eagerly waiting for the new episodes to come up, and the internet is full from the same. The previous episodes of the show have been really intriguing for all the viewers out there. Its layered story flow and lyrical pattern have done wonders for everyone out there, and undoubtedly, they are enjoying the show with their everything.

‘Luoyang Episodes 29 & 30': The Calm Before the Storm

It has been a really thrilling experience for everyone out there who is watching the show, and the amount of suspense is nearly making all of them jump out of their seats. With its amazing cast lineup and fantastic plot points, the Chinese drama series has managed to give all its viewers great screentime. Furthermore, the cast lineup of the show has stolen everyone’s attention through their perfect acting skills and character adaptation. The leads of the drama are Wang Yi Bo in the role of Baili Hongyi, Huang Xuan in the role of Gao Bingzhu, Victoria Song in the character of Wu Siyue, and Song Yi portraying the role of Liu Ran.

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‘Luoyang Episodes 29 & 30’: Where to Watch?

When you are looking up at streaming sources for the show, then you will realize that there aren’t many options available outside. You can always look out for other options on the internet. iQiyi is the original platform for the show and is available for both domestic and international audiences. You will need a subscription for getting access to the episodes. Once you have completed the process, then you are good to go.

‘Luoyang Episodes 29 & 30’: Spoilers & Recap

In the previous episode, we saw Yan Niang recounting her experience in detail. She was sold by her father to the people of Chunqiu Dao and was forced to practice exercises with hundreds of arrested children and was pushed into practicing murder. At the end of it, there were only three survivors, she killed all her companions and then was the only one left behind. She also admitted the truth about the real identity of her husband Kang Jiulang, who was in reality, her elder brother. The mission failed due to his ardent deeds of him, and she was sent by the Zhang Qiu envoy to assassinate her brother.

‘Luoyang Episodes 29 & 30': The Calm Before the Storm

Just after taking over Jishan Bofang, a group of people came to the door for collecting debts. Gao Bingzhu came to the rescue at the time and lied about the situation, saying the lady out there was his woman. Once he got to know the story through Yao Niang, he felt like laughing at himself. He realized that the one he helped in the past was the murderer Yo Niang. Gao lost control of his anger when Yao complained about how he should not bring his friends to somewhere they aren’t meant to.

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